The number one thing to remember as a behemoth player


The thing that determines whether you win or lose as behemoth is where you fight. I don’t care how good you are a premade team of crow, sunny slim, and hyde will destroy you if you fight in an open area win tons of ledges. I tested this many times and every time you fight in an open area you will get destroyed. Behemoth is a very strategic monster that requires pre planning where you fight.


Just played a hyde vs. Behemoth. He rockwalled himself against the dome edge alongside my grenades on him.

Just watched him melt away into acid.


Laz, Cabot, Crow, Parnell.

Rock wall won’t stop you from taking damage, and they have sight on you every time you wall up. Good luck eating any bodies to stop Laz. ^.^

And if you ever begin to engage, you get SS+DMG AMP. Won’t last very long due to how large you are.


Yeah…Parnell going super soldier into that giant weakspot with the Amp is ridiculous. Add in the Amped Chargeshots from Crow, chunking almost half a bar each time, and you have a god tier combo.


lol just met that team comp. it was really hard but i came out victorius in the end.


Yes, I recently played one of the most frustrating game of Evolve ever on Weather Control. I’m behmoth vs all 4 Tier 4s, and I’m outplaying them handily. I engage them at stage two, and down two of the hunters but the last two scatter as I’m beating down the second. When the dropship comes, the team just sits on the relay waiting for me to stage three - so crap, I guess I’ll have to do that, but at least I’ve got practically full health and leisurely fill up my armor. I roll to the relay to spend an excruciating 10 minutes with all 4 hunters up on towers playing very conservatively (always a ledge to dodge behind when I start the tongue grab animation, always in line with the shield drone, constantly keeping me in a damn spore cloud, constantly hit with the slow rifle, and…well, Sunny). The damn drop ship came 3 times during the relay fight because it was so flipping difficult to engage the bloody cockroaches. So. Bloody. Aggravating.


Saving this for later… WE SHOULD USE THIS @SQUARENecron @RobertOfPotatoland


I’ll start practicing my crow I guess lol