The Next Monster Will Be Overpowered


I think its only fair…the people who dished out 15 bucks for Behemoth are getting pounded on.


He’s got a learning curve


Clearly you’ve never had the pleasure of being spammed by roll and heavy attack


Maybe if they put that in the tutorial, he would have a better winrate than 40 percent.


Isn’t he confirmed bugged? Once they fix that I’m sure he’ll be okay.


Behemoth is tough to win with but damn is he fun to play as and against!


It’s an exploit lol… And he is also bugged so 40% is higher than you think


Even WITH the exploit, his current win chance is 40%…

He will be getting more armor and health next patch, and they’re going to either remove his heavy attack (replacing it with a normal one) or try to only have heavy attack proc’d after 4 seconds of rolling or something.


Ermmm you guys do know that there was a last minute bug happening to Behemoth?He takes double damage.This is going to get fixed.After that you will have a monster that ALREADY wins matches even with the bug,that will be killing you and still have half his health.Then the threads will suddenly start being…BEHEMOTH OP WTF.


The only bug that is confirmed is that his critical hitbox is a bit too big resulting in a couple of more double damage hits than intended. Not twice as much, just a bit more.


Those Torvald tears will be delicious.


I’m sorry but having played more games than I can count against the ‘T4 hunter A-Team’ that’s where the focus should be. Not much needs to be changed, just a little bit on each Hunter and there’ll be a big difference for the better.

People might start seeing more Goliath and Behemoth out there…


Behemoth melee murders people right now, he’s not terribly UP…


5th monster is OP pay-to-win, 5th tier is UP and broken pay-to-lose according to last dlc release


I really hope the last 3 topics i read are trollmade


All the monsters should be OP, the game is meant to be a boss battle where you try stop the boss staging up to a final form. All of them should be tough to kill and dominant at stage 3. I frankly find all the nerfing of the monsters to be annoying, Wraith was a lot more fun before Decoy got nerfed.


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