The next four adaptations (post Paladin Parnell), and adaptations in Canon



We know from the Trello board they have a full suite of class adaptations “todo”. If Hyde is Assault, then Bucket, Laz and Cabot have to split between Medic, Support and Trapper.

I don’t see Laz being able to be a trapper with his kit (even modified), nor does it suit him as a character. Equally I don’t see Cabot with his kit becoming a Medic. I think Laz will take the Medic slot.

So that leaves Cabot and Bucket to fill Trapper and Support. Of the two I think Trapper bucket makes the most sense, his kit is the most adaptable, and that would leave Cabot adaptation sitting in the support slot still.

All of this presumes that the old tier 4 and 5 aren’t the ones getting adaptations though!

And for added funsies… we know H Hyde is part of Deepest Dark categorisation, and C Bucket is War Propaganda. So what would Cabot and Laz be in terms of which section of the Canon?

H-Hyde Speculation Thread

Bummer. We’re screwed out of a support it looks like. And for a mere medic.

*for the meantime


I would think Laz comes in War Proganda, though since there’s already gonna be 3 characters in there, I could be wrong. Maybe he’s in Deepest Darkness, since that group might also be dead. But I think if Laz were alive, he’d do what he could to save everyone else, so if others are dead, he must be, too.

He was rejected by other people he met - “Do they call you a freak?” “Sometimes.” - but accepted by this crew. We’ve seen the affect that can have on Maggie and Kala. I’d assume Laz, another outcast, wanted to take care of them as well as he could, and would revivify as many times as he could before he went down.


I agree, I don’t see Laz surviving to Cataclysm. I feel he’d either join Hyde in whatever the Deepest Dark canon is (since I don’t believe it’s reality) or, if DD is chronologically real, most likely the group with Rogue Val and Blitz. If that is “upgraded” hunters before Cataclysm it’d probably work with Laz.

Cabot though… again I don’t believe he’d survive Cataclysm, but he is the leader of the people that went to fight the monsters, he’s the subject of comic books, I’d be amazed if he isn’t part of the war propaganda.

All of this kind of depends on what the Paladin Parnell group and the unknown teased group are though!


I think there are plans to give the Tier 4 and 5 characters adaptions…TRS said how they no longer see them as ‘tiers’ but just as a collection of heroes.

With regards to the characters themselves, I think Bucket will become an assault. I remember the devs saying how they wanted his variation to be more offensive, and legacy Bucket already acted like a second assault.

I can see how the re-implementation of his UAV would be an easy way to turn him into a trapper, but I felt that the UAV was fundamentally flawed. As a result I’d be surprised to see it make a comeback.

He could easily become either…or just a more offensive support.

I actually think Cabot could become a trapper. Cabot’s always been as a leader, and trappers generally lead the hunters towards the monster.
His dust-tag is already used to help find monstersand his rail gun could be used to help ‘probe’ for monsters, like shooting through walls and looking for hit markers. No idea for the damage amp. Perhaps something that drains the monster’s traversals. Would make him devastating against Krakens.

Not sure about Laz.

I don’t think it will be clear cut, like everyone from one tier switching places (I mean so far we’ve got 2 medics, a trapper and an assault). It’ll probably add up in the end though, since we haven’t had a support in a while. My only hope is that they’ve cooked up something exciting for us, considering how varied support characters already are…


I’m well and truly lost m80’s. Utterly. So the previous adaptations have been retconned into relevance to the lore? Cataclysm is the future, or is it just the perceived future of Shear? EGriff and Quira are war propaganda(as in totally unrelated to reality), and Deepest Dark is something different? Time of release has nothing to do with when these adaptations fit into the lore? Palnell is part of Cataclysm, but is coming out in relation to Deepest Dark?


I think all the adaptions will fit into ‘themes’. Mad Mags and Renagabe are the post-apocalyptic, end-of-Shear. QCaira and EGriff are the sci-if, war propaganda ones.

I think we will end up with a character from each class in each theme. So for example, we still need an apocalyptic medic (I guess Slim) and a support.


The only reason I don’t think the next 4 listed ones are “tier 4/5” is because it makes sense to get adaptations done for the hunters that founders definitely have, PR and all. It’s not a great reason but it’s a good enough one IMO.


I’ll just leave this here… >>


what if cbucket is in mad max theme with napalm missiles and flamer drones and cabot is sci-fi trapper with stasis beam instead of dmg amp


He reses an animal to follow and fight the monster. Like Daisy, only you can use Nomads, megamouths and tyrants.

Make his dust tag become a regen field.

Then an amp becomes a medgun-slim gun hybrid that he locks onto the monster and then beams shoot off of him into other players.

I think Cabot will be the trapper because he has dust tagging. How will it change, I dunno.

Emet Assault? Please?


If you have a Laz who can cloak teammates, he could be a really good support.
Bucket used to have tracking head back in the days, perhaps C-Bucket might get it back as a trapper.LOL


Can see Bucket going Trapper with the UAV back for sure.

Cabot as Support feels pretty good- I think he’d be like a flip to his regular version, like, the Amplifier locks onto a Hunter and amps their rate of fire or something.

Or maybe the Amp locks onto a Hunter and all healing they receive is increased?

But Lazarus as a Support would be very interesting.


More monsters, less useless hunters. Thanks!!!


You’re welcome ! Now go and find something interesting and on topic to say for your next post !

Good grief, I always thought Rabe was from the future where the monsters actually won but I wasn’t expecting me to be right ! Seems like the adaptations are Cabot’s way of filling the gaps left by the dying hunters.