The next four adaptations discussion thread


Here are the silhouettes of the next four hunter adaptations.

And I’d like to see what everyone’s opinions are about these adaptations, based on the text given with each silhouette.

Also, I’m currently charging my phone, thanks.


Q Caira stand for Quantum Caira
R Abe stands for Radioactive Abe
Not sure about P Parnell though

(note, this is just speculation)


P Parnell…


Power Parnell?
Pretty Parnell?
Punchy Parnell?


Avaliable in 6 designer colors!


I believe I did hear confirmation about this name for her.

Sounds right, with his text being that he is “atomic” lol


Also, maybe Prototype Parnell?


Im pretty sure its Papa Parnell tbh.


Patronizing Parnell

“Oh GREAT job on this dome guys”

“You know what would help? Healing”

“I’m sooo glad I signed up for this”

“Look, I see the Monster, over there!”
“Oh really? You sure that’s the Monster? That big glowing thing off in the distance? You sure?”


Does this guy look like the E griffin to you?

I found this in the daily log in page.


Thats clearly Tron Griffin.


I read that as Tom Griffin. XD


Nah, he’s Cyclops Griffin, ready to fight Magneto.


Almost 100% sure it’s E-Griffin. But I like to call him Tron Griffin. Maybe Daft Punk Griffin.


okay :D, just got to play for 25 day in a row now.


It’s weird that the way they are releasing the adaptations but I guess they must have ran into some issues that caused th to delay the others


To unlock for free would be my guess. I’m sure you could unlock with keys eventually.


true, but free is better :slight_smile:


and so it is. Henceforth E-Griffin shall be known as Daft Priffin


25 dsys? I know that’s what it says,but they spoke about releasing one in 2 weeks. A different adaptation maybe?