The new scorpid


We all know about Scorpio and how he was scraped, but what if I told you we could reinvent him stronger faster better. So what comes to mind when you hear scorpid a spider and a scorpion so I present you the new and improved scorpid

P.s. I’m not a good at drawing so please be nice this was a school project

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Scorpid wasn’t scrapped.
It just evolved into something completely different.
Like a caterpiller to butterfly
Scorpid to Goliath


Can we still have a half scorpion half spider monster


I’d rather a reboot scorpid and a brand new Taratula monster.
But @Shin doesn’t like that idea :wink:


As long as it isn’t overly spider like. I don’t want chased around by a big spider…


Stage 1


Stage 3


That wouldn’t bother me. ^.^


I’ve always wanted to see an arachnid based monster in Evolve.


:smiley: Yeah I think it’d be a great idea


I think that stage three is a bit to big


I agree.
I was just posting based on design.
Not size


I give you… The Scarab!

Spewing acids, baby man-eating scarabs and so much more!!!


its not if you think about it a stage 3 wraith is about 3 1/2 hunters tall that one is like two hunters
2tage 2 i think is pretty big


I’d love to see a really creepy, big spider with thin legs, long sharp fangs dripping poison :monster:

But the end of the legs should be like a nail, sharp.

And a tail of a scorpion…

Right, @Shin ?


Wow thats a really nice shot of the hourglass, last time I tried to get a pic like that I almost died ;-;


I would never dare to try that o.o


You’re talkin to the guy that would hug a tiger just to get that perfect selfie ;p


Let’s not forget the claws


I like it but it might not work because they said no mech monsters


im guessing we cant see that selfie? i wanna know what i need to one up