The new Red vs. Blue thread!(Spoilers)


so, with the start of RvB season 14, I thought I should put this here because the last one close. For those of you who don’t know, Red vs. Blue is a Rooster Teeth made (RWBY, Achievment hunter, Play Pals, etc.) that is a halo machinima and also has the title of “longest running webshow!”.

so yeah, that’s pretty much it! here’s the newest season’s episodes!

Grif and Simmons origin story.

Sarge(and partially Tucker.) origin story.

Church, Vic, and as the title says, why they’re at Blood Gulch.

Blood Gulch but with Mega Bloks.

FunHaus as a separate red team track down Blues.

This will be modified as more episodes come out.


10 char



I remember when people used to say, “Check out this show RWBY/Achievment hunter/Play Pals/etc. It’s by the guys who make Red vs. Blue.”



i remember those days too, i just thought since RvB had a brief break from the seasons.


Jesus christ i thought this died so long ago.
Is Caboose still there? Hes totes melots my fav character.


Caboose is still here, and he has a killer robot assault rifle.


bump for the power of the Blues!


Caboose is the best character ever… Of all times


caboose is bae.




The episodes blue me away


the end of season 13 made me a little red headed.


You Donut want to watch all of Season 13 in one go, it’ll leave you tuckered out


Man, this latest episode really grabbed my attention and wouldn’t lego

Also, is this season going to be solely short stories?



the actual rvb will start on the 15th season.


Title’s updated! speak as many spoilers as you want!

Am I the only one who was surprised the kid was Hargrove? explains why I hated him so much.


new episode starring Funhaus!


Orange’t you glad you watched it?