The New Race Hunter

Okay so I don’t think any of us thought that they would change the hunter to look more like an alien race. (happy they did) Now with this new medic named Slim things have changed.image
This game is fun because of how different it’s suppose to be and this adds a whole new element to the game. Hopefully Turtle Rock will keep releasing new hunters with unique races. These hunters could now have there own type of weapon that could be apart of them. I love the medic class so I’m really excited for this hunter. I think that the hunters should still have that human physique to them.

Can anybody else come up with something cool like this? and if so what kind of powers would your character possess?


He’s not a new race. At all. He’s a energetically modified human.

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I HATE the fact of aliens in this game hate it. They dont fit at all

Although it could have been energetically, if he was super pumped to become a bug, but i doubt it


Autocorrect is the best. I’m leaving it.

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So you hate the monsters? Theyre aliens. So are the humans. Plotholes everywhere


Slim is a nicer looking version of this. (BY nicer I mean more appealing to look at, I still think they did a great design for The Fly)


Aliens don’t make sense in the game? You go a world teeming with alien life, but if they have half a brain you hate it?

According to the lore, there was a whole war that was fought at a genetic level instead of technology. I suspect because the HUB has all the resources of the galaxy while the have-not’s had nothing but people. This is where Lazerous came from… And Parnell too! They’re not aliens, they’re just genetically modified. Who knows what else could be made out of it?

I suspect in the future, we’ll see more mutants as this game pulls from the heights and depths to find the best hunters.

Eeew… That’s the second post today I can’t unsee…

No aliens, just people who’ve spliced their genes with insects for some ungodly reason that I’d love @Matthew to explain. And yeah, that’s a pretty disturbing sight maddcow


If you want to splice your DNA with insects, that’s fine. You think that means you’re free from HUB then someone might come and put the boot down…” - Val Wolski

The war was over tax evasion, not genetic policies.


Decent movie(s) though.

Who wouldn’t want to fly on their own accord, or have different types of eyes, or a stronger ‘skin’. There are reasons, not that I would agree, but they are there. As for aliens… well… I definitely am excited for the future :slight_smile:


You are in luck then, none of the hunters are “aliens”.

Unless you’re playing Bucket, then everyone’s an alien. Other alien.


I always took that as kind of the whole sarcastic "Oh, you are free to do that if you want, just be prepared for us to come kill you for it.

I still think they need more spliced hunters, I want a trapper that is a wolfman. Give him a smell ability like the monster so he can sniff out creatures/footsteps.


I think Hyde is a wolfman, just sayin.
All the stuff he says and that badge you get for unlocking stuff with him. Idk.
Seems fishy


Kill the fishy bastard!”

Was the mutagen war over insects only, or other animals/creatures too?

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I got the insect vibe. I think it was something Matthew may have said

It was Basilisk men, they were all bug/human hybrids (slim) and yeah, im guessing Hyde and Slim are gonna have some interesting lines.
Slim: heals everyone how about a thanks now and then
Hyde: Hows about i melt yer fuckin wings off eh?