The New Pounce Bug [Class abilities unusable] (Please Help!)


I’m putting this under hunters because it looks grim for the future of the hunters for the next several months. If we have lost the ability to heal and use a personal whilst cloaked, than that really puts a damper on everyone, not just low end players.

It’s really not fair to the community that we’re temporarily losing a game mechanic for a few months and is not getting the recognition that it deserves. So I ask that any of you come by here, attempt to get this out there so that it can be seen and hopefully we can get this fixed before April/May


We’ve seen this reported before, I;ve encountered it, as I think everyone has.

As an assault player, I get nervous when I’m pounced now since I don’t have any protection if my team is a bit off with their timing on their shooting me off or behind a corner.


Actually rn it’s pretty well balanced, mainly because of the nerfing of sunny which when combined with certain team comps, was too powerful.

The only monster that is argueably OP is Kraken. but that’s another story.


This game has been hunter favored for so long. It’s nice to see the monsters finally getting the buffs they deserve. Imo of course.


The game was never hunter favored. Hunters have much more to deal with than a monster. Finding the right comps. Wild life. team cordination and communication. The monster only has himself to worry about and getting to stage 3. The game has fallen and that’s why a lot of the great players don’t play anymore and they are monster players.


Holy crap, can we for once actually keep this on topic, I swear no topics that really matter ever get addressed properly anymore.


It’s a bug. It is known and will be fixed in the next update. @Jedi_Warrior


This bug has been logged and a fix has been found. Dev response in this thread if anyone is interested.

I’ll close this being so there’s not much more to duscuss. :slightly_smiling: