The new matchmaking for Hunt mode is annoying

I downloaded the most recent update, played enough matches to make rank and took a break. When I came back and tried to get into match as hunter I ended up waiting as my game searched for about 20 minutes to find hunters. After I joined with the potential hunters and chose which class I was to play then someone dropped from the lobby and we had to search for a new hunter. I ended up waiting about half an hour before I just backed out to the main menu. Is there anyway that we can get bots to enter the hunter class selection lobby to just move things along.

Yea, three times today I’ve waited for games excessively. Once for monster: 25 minutes. Gave up. Once for Hunters, 30 minutes (with two other people, we got 4 at one point but nothing happened). Gave up. Once for monster 20 minutes and counting. About to give up. That’s more than an hour of my day just kind of staring at a black screen. Forget attracting players back, you’re going to lose your dedicated ones.

PC btw.

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I couldn’t find a game period, updated Evolve, fired up multiplayer, chose monster as my role and then waited there for twenty five minuets to match up on my FIRST game. I gave up, turned the game off and went back to not playing Evolve.

I only get one game in before I am stuck endlessly at the match making screen before I just give up. Also I noticed the store says I didn’t purchase season 2 but I still have everything unlocked so Idk hope that dose not become a issue

The matchmaking before was really better. You had to wait like minute no play…

My matchmaking on Xbox One has been drastically improved with patch 5.0. I have played 18 Hunt 2.0 games and have never waited more than 2 minutes. Before patch 5.0, I was often waiting 5+ or even 10+ minutes.

I really like it. I have tidied almost my whole apartment anddone the dishes while waiting for a game.


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