The new Lazarus is amazing - thank you so much, devs


I’ve been playing him since the beginning and was really anxious to see how weak he had become, given how people have been talking about him since the launch of Stage 2. Of course it’s hard to tell who’s too weak and who’s too strong at this point. People still need to learn, adjust, acquire the right perks, find the right character combos and so on. But I just had 16 games with Laz and my team won every single one.

The new Laz is simply amazing to play and I really don’t think he needs a buff right now. Maybe when people become better players but as of right now, he’s a really strong medic with the right perks and a good support. His healing field is strong but not too strong. I even love that dead hunters now receive a strike. It seems fair, given the improved healing.

So thank you, Turtle Rock. Not just for Laz but for all your hard work. Evolve is the best MP experience I think I’ve ever had. Feel free to lock the topic if you please, I just hope you see this.


I agree, I like him quite a bit more myself. People complain less about him, and he’s more fun in my opinion.


Tbh i didnt lost one game yet against a Laz Team.
Might be that those teams were “not so great” but i didnt feel threated at all. I focus Laz down and its gg like it was before, with the decreasing support as you cant teamcloak Laz anymore i dont find it hard to push him out and kill him quick enough before his teams gets to much damage done to my health.


I have, it was Laz + Cabot and talk about pressure.

You really have to focus Cabot first to get a down and then immediately switch over to Lazarus to get a down (otherwise it will be for nothing)


This is one of my favourite teams at the moment. People don’t seem to like Cabot since his railgun isn’t very powerful these days, but with an assault who’s awake he is terrifying.

Pair him with lazarus and you have to accept that you are going to pay for your strikes with blood and tears.


Exactly, and if both of them have jetpack and jump height perks, then you need to deal with roaching too.

Before the patch, the strategy was simply flee till 3 and pummel laz as fast as possible with power. Now you can’t do that anymore.

I still need to find a strat for that…


Huh ? … Basically you mean that …you can easily punish monster for focusing Lazarus …?

Doesn’t sound very consistent for me…


If you focus laz first, he will cloak and then you need to have a good eye to know where he is going. Meanwhile Cabot is using his damage amp and assault is firing away (even worse with lennox or Parnell). So by the time you found Laz again, he got his health back and you are almost out of armor.

In that sense you are forced to go after cabot first and then laz. And depending on how well they play together, their perks and their ability to juke, it can be a frustrating battle.

Not to mention that taking cabot down first is putting pressure on the team as a whole. Is laz able to revive Cabot without a strike? Or, do we revive Cabot so he can use his shield burst to keep Laz alive (with the cost of a strike).


I’m more of a “Focusing Laz ; Laz gets invis ; Focusing another one… like Support ; Laz gets visible ; Finishing Laz”

Knowing that you can spot Laz at any heal burst… well, at least , one could before Stage2.

I admit that I don’t know how painful the new SupportShield is…


I’ve played him as much as I can in the last few days and I think that he is almost there in terms of balance and playability. No, he’s not the Laz we knew and loved at his core concept, but I can see through the changes the decisions being made. He goes down quicker than a sack of potatoes if he’s focused, but the same can be said of Val and she doesn’t have pre-mitigation abilities like cloak.

That said, he does feel a bit too squishy compared to how other medics operate. Caira is obviously more tanky when healing herself, Rogue Val has an amazing self-sustain burst but also continues to heal all other hunters while being focused. Emet heals anyone within buoy range and Slim can generally up his tankiness with practice through shooting the monster focusing him.

Val gets more healing off in between focus too, so the reality with Laz is any monster worth their salt knows that a focused and downed laz is a destroyed team.

I’ve enjoyed playing him right now specifically because I’m utilising “stay outside the dome” tactics, and monsters aren’t focusing me so much, which I know will change!

I think in time we may need to see laz getting something, be it a passive or a stat boost provided during cloak. Right now I don’t think he needs it, but I feel he will need it in the not too distant future.

His damage changes since the last patch are fine, he was doing too much before and it felt like too much (see: Wasteland Maggie before damage nerf).

The revivifier taking longer to act is so annoying, but I understand its purpose, I just wish that the reload time on it wasn’t so long as well. Several times now I’ve had to revive someone and then wait for 10-15 seconds to revive someone else because the monster has bolted. It feels unintuitive to have to wait once the monster has already decided to move 100m away.

There’s also the side issue of body camping that, while improved from Legacy, still feels like too much of an easy route for the monsters to take.

So overall, right now, I feel Laz is probably in about a good spot, but I think in time we’ll see his inherent squishiness and the slow uselessness of his cloak against half the monsters come to the fore.


Agree 100%. I’m seeing his weakness now when playing against experienced monsters. I think he might need a slight buff in some way.The revivifier does take quite some time to act, which is rather frustrating.



Dude, look at my comment above…

And look at the OP, I wrote that this might change.


So, how exactly is the incap state? From all the footage I’ve seen so far incapped hunters seem to die far too quickly for The Lazarus Device to be of much use.