The new jetpack

I tried to get used to the new jetpack and i really dont like it at all. Other people seems to not have a problem with it but for me it become nearly impossible to dodge. Ofc there is nothing much you can do when 50% of the players say thats its better now and the other 50% say thats it was better before the patch. I personaly would preffer having the old one back.
So here is my suggest:
So far from what i read is that basicly the new jetpack code is a improvement and im pretty sure you havent dumbt the old code yet. So why not implementing both jetpack codes into the game and let the player decide whitch jetpack code (or call it ingame “jetpack technologie”) they want to use.
Since the new one is a improvement, you are not putting yourself into an advantege by selecting the old one.(maybe somewhere in the options menu)

Hmm, personally this jetpack is alright for me. I mean, it feels slower, and climbing has been a pain at times. Plus the monster hits you, and you can’t climb anymore. Seems based on momentum, and if the monster takes it from you, you can’t climb anymore. But I’ve learned to deal with it.

Not sure if they’re up for allowing players to choose between options that can change how the game is played between players though.

Well for example if you would pick the new one and i get to choose the old one, then you wouldnt rly be in a disadvantege since it says that they improved it. Its just the fact that the old one works better for me right?
Im sure there were lots of ppl had trouble with the old jetpack

I personally liked the old one more. o.O
But I’m just dealing with this one, and getting used to it.

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I was going to just deal with it too
Then i realized i could just share my thought with everybody here. Cuz thats what forums are for correct?^^
Maybe the devs read that and gonna try it out for a bit just to see what kind of jp the majority prefers

My biggest problem with the new jetpack is that the straight upwards boost seems kinda ruined for general traversal.

Before when I wanted to climb a cliff I would often run towards it, jump, let go of arrow keys and then boost upwards. it would keep my momentum as I did this, meaning I’d go a bit forward while doing my upwards boost.

Now when I do this it just seems to completely disregard my momentum and boost me straight upwards, rather then letting me keep on going slightly in the way I was going before.


I think this new jetpack is good enough in combat situation.
The horizontal boost is OK, but the vertical one is completly useless now, especially on map like Broken Hill Mine, Plant Fusion, Weather Control ect. where you have to climb so many walls and cliffs.

Before, you could double tap spacebar twice to climb cliffs quickly and still have mid-fuel to chase the monster.
Now you have to hold spacebar and use all your jetpack fuel to climb the same cliff, but hey, maybe this was done on purpose to balance the 1s dome deploy.

Anyway, you can still get used to it, which is nice :grinning:

The 1s dome is totaly unnecessary in my opinion. Idk why they did it that way. Probably all the noob kids chaseing after the wraith and complain that she is too fast.
Tbh i loved that it requird to be a good trapper so ypu needed to cut the monster off at choke points. Nowdays you just throw it whenever the monster is near -.-

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Because the Evolve devs want us to have more fights before the final relay fight, instead of 10-15mins chase.
I’m a little sad too because Trapper requires less chase skill now, but I have to disagree with you: I like it that way.

It’s finally chase - fight - chase - fight instead of chase - chase - fight - chase - chase - fight. Much funnier. :monkey_face:

When you are trapper and you are chasing a (confident) monster,then you are doing something wrong bud :smile:
that might be the reason why you had to chase him for like 10-15 min^^
Me and my team never had problems trapping the monster multiple times before stage 2

To be real, no I don’t like the new jetpack, I feel slow. But I’ve gotten use to it, nothing I can’t handle. I prefer the other one for sure

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thank you so much for your response

The new jetpack is lame as hell. I thought it was a overall improvement but it’s just somewhat slow and has no real thrust behind it.

I feel the same bro ;(

When I said "chase skill’, it was more like “anticipating” and “cutting the monster trajectory”, not the “let’s follow the monster during the whole” stupid thing.

The reason was because monsters were more likely to hide or escape the dome, that’s why you get 10-15min chase when you have a trapper that can’t cut routes properly. Now everybody can throw that 1s deployment dome and still catch the monster, forcing the monster to fight instead of trying to escape. And that is why I like it that way, “bud”.

The keyword being “my team”. Never heard of public trappers and public games ? :monkey_face:

pretty sure more than 50% prefer the game this way. In terms of difference with the jetpacks I do not see the difference you see. Just seems to the same its always been?

I like this new one a lot better except for its upward dodges.

“New code ensures consistent dodge distances and maximum dodge speeds”
well since the jetpack has a consistent dodge distance you either like all of the directions or none of them

I’ll agree with you but Im also pretty sure that more than 50% are noobs.

all horizontal dodges feel better in my opinion but I can say that these upward dodges do not have as much torque as they did before and because of they don’t feel as effective.