The new hunters of evolve


Who’s looking forward to them on Tuesday? Which hunter is your favourite out of the 4?


For the lore, sunny and slim, but to play as, probably slim and crow. They’re mainly the only reasons I would start playing medic and trapper.


Crow, cuz Gobi is freaking adorable :3


Yeah with his little cute ass collar


I do not know. ;-; I don’t like the looks of Slim, might wait a little for him. I hate Assault, so no Torvald.

Likely Sunny and Crow.


Crow I just love the fact that he’s wearing a skinned blitz leopard as a hood and his line “Megamouth here! I had to fight my way out from inside one of them before”.

Everybody else is on equal terms.

Edit: Also crow vaguely reminds me of that bad guy from Mulan.


I like Slim but… i don’t think i will able to play him correctly.

Sunny… meh, i don’t like her or her abilities.

Crow? Yeah, i like him AND his abilities.

Torvald… i don’t know.


I like them all,but on more technical terms:
Torvald-im an assault fan,and all his items seems amazing,the shrapnel grenade is like one clip of laz’s rifle,the shotgun is a smart idea and the mortars are spectacular
Sunny-her nuke launcher is cool,and i like her arm brace(escpecialy when the jetpack booster is being used and its sitting visibly on the she side),the jetpack booster seems cool but I would have preferred it to be a team ability like the cloak,and I like how the shield drone perches on her arm before deployment,but find the system of it shielding the last person hit instead of who has the lowest health,which in my opinion seems like a better idea)
Slim-slims half and half for me(haven’t played him but my opinion may change)the drone looks cool,the leech gun and healing field linkage is a smart idea
Crow-he is very cool from what I’ve seen,but if gobi flew further it would be better


… Now I’m just imagining a giant butt collar around Gobi’s neck… not disturbing at all…

I’m most interested in how they’ll mesh with the other tiers and how many new combinations will be being used.


Slim and Torvald because of the lore, but mostly because its a god damn Bugman and Cyborg Viking! :grin:


Yeah,I’m mostly interested in the interactions between abe Parnell and sunny


Heh, im also interested to see hyde talking to slim, they won’t go well with eachother in the group xD


I’ll enjoy playing with them but I’m not sure I would play them as my main in any class. Maybe Sunny - I like her kit I guess. Possibly Torvald and Crow sometimes?


Only Torvald.



Gonna have fun with them all. It’s gonna rock.

Torvald is gonna be one of my mains though.


Hell yeah, viking brother!

(And a little side of Crow? xD)


Shan Yu its so perfect


Definitely Slim i’m buying him because i wanna play as medic but i stopped because Laz kills my progress and i hate Val i could only play Caira or Slim


Yeah definitely! Won’t be able to play them until Wednesday (UK) but I’m really looking forward to seeing how Gobi works with Crow. I feel that it may well be the perfect Trapper for my play style. But aside from Torvald (I’m really not an assault type of player) I am looking forward to them all!


I like every hunter and class, but Slim will be my first pick, followed by Sunny, Torvald and Crow, in that order. Behemoth might butt in at some point.