The Mysterious Pre-Game Perks


So I was doing my homework like a good little addict and was on the Gamespot reviews @DamJess linked for us. I found during the first video about Lazarus a snapshot of the Pre-Game Perks that I can’t seem to get any info on. Comments begin :wink:


This may help you out:

It has all known perk information thus far.


I wish they would add a list of all the current ones that have been finished off and will be put in the game on the site… That as well as confirmed skins already in the game, for the revealed hunters/monsters only of course. :wink:


I’ve just remember a perk I dreamed of last night. It was the third one down on the first column, and it was a perk that would let Daisy fetch stuff to you. I don’t remember exactly what but she’d get you things in combat that’d help


Meh, still like Griffen more… I love the Hunter and Assault class, but I don’t like Maggie :disappointed: Just a preference thing… I really am excited to see the tier 3 Hunter… I feel like he/she is going to be a badass :stuck_out_tongue:


I love Maggie. She’s like a space-hunter Rihanna. Her earplugs are also cool, only just noticed them like a week ago


We have a new confirmed perk. The hunters can take a perk for faster movement


Faster jetpack refuel too


I think I got it… plus it looks like moss on its back


Thats just the screen you get while evolving, and that green tinge is probably for artistic effect in a jungle area


If it was it would have a count down


That’s the screen you see before the match begins. The one you see when you’re in the process of evolving is very similar


Plus it looks like it has on it back maybe a skin


Oh, I forgot about pre match points for abilities


So I am not the only one who dreams :stuck_out_tongue: