The most valuable jetpack trick - most hunters don't know


Instead of just accelerating forward, backward or sidewards you can also accelerate upward
by simply pressing the jump/jetpack button twice (without moving in any direction). That’s an
extremely useful technique in many situations. For example when a monster runs towards
you, you can fly over his head or stay above him and attack. Or if you want to climb a cliff,
using this technique you can climb it in one second instead of holding down the fly button
and slowy do the same thing.

In all the matches I’ve played (PS4), I have only met maybe 5 hunters that used
this technique.


I thot everyone did this :confused:


Works until the monster just stands there waiting for you to fall with no jet pack fuel haha.

You’re right though it does work situationally if you’re trying to get up a cliff faster or trying to buy yourself a few seconds.


Really op with a capacity sunny on the team. Pop up once, hover till you run both fuel bars empty or monster loses interest. Temporary invulnrability because you can go more then high enough to avoid anything but an abduct. Rapes goliath hard in particular. Toss monkey perk and gg.


…and Assault isn’t punishing the now still Monster? :wink:

Besides, you don’t fall back down in the same spot, you can glide wherever the hell you want on that looong way down. Sure you might be out of fuel, but landing on that cliff over ready to juke the Monster when he goes to catch up there with very little damage taken likely just mitigated much more damage than trying to dodge on the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a huge fan of the Straight-Up dodge. Throws a lot of Monster out of whack cause they’re just so limited in what they can do and most are smart enough to not hold still just WAITING for you to start dropping.

Even better with Sunny, but then all dodges are :wink:


ikr. 10 char.

Who needs to jump up when a Snnny can jet you across the map.


I think knowledge of this technique explains about 90% of why (a) I like jump height perk, and (b) I tell people to jump over the monster when harpooning as Griffin and they think I’m dumb.


Pretty sure everyone knew this, right? O.o


Get more out of your jetpack by hopping up and then firing the jetpack. Sometimes every inch counts.


When I play Maggie, I pick the Jump Height perk for exactly this reason.


Wait, you’re telling me that everyone didn’t already know this?

Also, 10/10 for your clickbait title. You don’t by chance work for Buzzfeed, do you?


Sigh, i want to-do this to get better mobility, but unfortunadely when using it to traverse the terrain it just dodges to the front instead of going up, which annoys me when climbing stuff.


Gief separate button for jet pack dodging please, double tapping is so inconsistent and takes twice as long as it should letting you get hit by shit that shouldn’t rightly be hitting you.

Something like V on pc would be real nice. (obviously bindable)

After playing Sunny you realise how few pubbies even bother jetpack dodging…


Well, if you’re smart you use your boosts to go up once and then straight behind the Monster.


Also, it seems like people need ten seconds to realize that you
as Sunny are trying to save their ass with the jetpack boost.


Fun trick if your torvald jetpack straight up shoott mortars straight down if the monster justt stands there


I thought this was common knowledge its so annoying when im monstering as that person is untargateble for like 5seconds meaning you need to swap targets giving medic chance to heal them it makes me grrrr at my tv.


I agree juking upwards is very useful!

While we are at it, something related which kinda fits here: There is something i call ‘glidemode’ which continually drains a small amount of fuel while in the air and it is activated on two conditions: by holding down your jetpack button + your character passes a certain horizontal velocity. Glidemode will reset once you hit the ground or if you reduce your forward velocity midair it will stop draining additional energy. It takes 2 seconds until jetpack recharge kicks in. The ‘logical’ explanation for this would be, that the energy consumption should mimic a safeguard to avoid falldamage.
But there are few ways to conserve energy by avoiding glidemode.

  1. If you jump off a cliff and make a clean double tab to juke, that means not accidently activating ‘glidemode’ by holding the button, you won’t have any additional fuel consumption. So if you plan your flightpath correctly so you don’t need to correct with glide, you can conserve a lil energy.

  2. If you just jetpack upwards and drop back down, you don’t trigger glidemode, thus not consuming additional fuel. You only trigger it by having too much forward velocity, so be aware! Very good in combination with Sunny’s jetpack boost and VERY annoying for the monster.

Not sure if that’s common knowledge either. Since sometimes small thing can be a deciding factor, this saved up energy could be precious! Personally i try to actively do this during my sessions and it feels that you can safe a good amount of fuel with it.


Ridiculous how many people dont do this and it makes me angry playing as sunny, people just not saving themselves


You can just switch targets if that happens tho, it gets tiring retargeting as sunny over and over again