The most unbalanced part of Evolve

The monster can teabag but hunters cannot? OP plz nerf


I know it’s a joke, but you deserve this



Tea-bagging is not endorsed by TRS and any classy player worth his salt will not do this. The monster can go into a crouch position of course, so he can hide, ambush, and pounce. Hunters do not need to do these things and putting in a “teabag” option would lower the class of the game. This is not THAT kind of game where people set out to mop the floor with their opponent and then rub their face in it. Such players I do not feel deserve respect.

I’m sorry if you’ve unfortunately had this happen to you, but move on from this knowing that you’re a better player than that and you win even when you lose, to players of THAT kind of calibur.


I am 100% joking of course. I have noticed more monster players doing this though.

I would have to say the best in game taunting ever is in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. The dancing is hilarious and just good fun. That is overall a much more lighthearted game though, so it gets away with inflammatory dancing moves.


Quick, TRS, give us a dance move. :smiley:

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Keep in mind next time that jokes goes in the off-topic section. It helps not confusing people. :wink:

Like this?


man, you’re like school in the summertime, for idiots like me.

well u can jump arround the corpse

That Goliath found a mating partner… Thats how the mode nest was born my friend

Hunter tribal dance victory