The Mortal Kombat Games


Oh god I love these games (and the films!). I only have Deception, XL, and mobile MKX.

On XL, I need help with the fatality practice. I can practice the first fatality, but I can’t practice the second. And the second one is the one I need practice with. I’m using Acidic Alien.

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You just have to have some space between you and the player to do it.


No, it’s not that. The game won’t let me practice the second fatality (Deadly Hybrid). It only lets me practice Killer Queen, the first one. I can do that one no problem. Deadly Hybrid is the one I have trouble with.


Ohh. You can still do it, it’s just fatality practice only shows the first fatality.


i hv make a Video of all Alien Fatality Brutality and X-Ray ( and the Other Quest-Characters )

Dead Hyprid is the First Fatality i use on the Video u can see ( The buttons are under the Hud )

i dont know if its help ^^


what are the buttons for second?


left - right - down - right - square


I used to love the old Mortal Kombat games. Way back on the SNES. Those were the good ol’ days.


I’ve been super into MKX recently. I’m maining Konjurer Alien and Master of Souls Ermac at the minute but I definitely feel like Konjurer is more my style :smile:


Gonna end up getting it soon tbh. Want to practice my fire ball cancels a lot. Don’t know when, but it should be fun :smiley:


I’m still kinda bummed that region lock is a thing to be honest :confused:


I am to, kinda BS we’re stuck with it . Now I wonder if I changed my region on PSN if it would work .


really love to play Mortal Kombat X im a 100% Leatherface Main :stuck_out_tongue:

but sadly spammer and ppl who use Scorpion and Liu Kang destroy the Online Mode -.-


I always end up doing the charge move he does on all fours. I forgot what that move is called.


I want to main Acidic Alien. I just got XL for my birthday today.


Happy birthday .
Acidic destroys in the corner .


Its make me so sad that the online mode is so crap of this Game every noob use the stupid OP Teleport Characters like Scorpion or Smoke Tryborg -.- i hv played 30 Matches Today 20 of them was against Noob Scorpion lol


What about Master of Souls Ermac, Etheral Mileena, and Deceptive Reptile?

And I finally pulled off Deadly Hybrid. The key for me was to go slow, don’t rush.

Oh, and I am very confused with brutalities. Are there any special requirements that the game doesn’t tell you? I follow the instructions for Alien’s Little Head (final hit must come from L1/LB and left/right must be held) and Scorpion’s Get Over Here! (Final hit must be from Enhanced Double Spear, foward, backward, square, R2, R2) but it wouldn’t work. I tried it in towers and one round single fights.


What specifically are you asking? I can answer questions about Ermac since he was my first main but not Mileena and Reptile.

As far as I’m aware all the requirements are listed in the finishing moves section of the move list. E.G For alien’s facehugger brutality it says that one facehugger must connect in the first round and that the final hit must be from a facehugger grab.


I was replying to Darknesschaos. She said the online mode was ruined by noobs using kombatants that can teleport like Scorpion and Smoke. I remembered that Master of Souls could teleport and Deceptive Reptile could turn invisible.

As for the brutalities, I perform everything correct, but it never works. For Little Head, Alien’s brutality, I do the throw, and I hold down left/right, depending on the direction I am facing. Am I supposed to hold it while he’s grabbing the opponent or while Alien is biting the opponent’s neck? Sometimes the move makes them turn around, which changes the controls.