The monsters should be stronger than the hunters and here's why


I feel like the monsters should be more powerful than the hunters because of one specific reason the timer. The timer that the monster has to race against provides a huge advantage to the hunter’s and in turn justifies the monsters being overpowered. The clock forces the monsters into locations that do not favor the monster and if the clock runs out the hunters win.

If the hunters and monsters are more closely balanced then there is nothing to counter the time clock in the monster’s favor. I feel like the time clock should be done away with in order to force the hunters to look for the monster instead of immediately retreating to the power relay every time a monster hits level 3. The time clock is an advantage for the hunters and nerfing the monsters blows this advantage up immensely.

No time clock would also give the monster an opportunity to set traps of their own and make the hunters choose between protecting the power relay or to continue hunting. If the developers are set on making the hunters and monsters more evenly matched then the advantage that the clock gives the hunters should be addressed.

Also if the hunters do not kill the monster before the time runs out why should the hunter win? The monster is still alive and a threat. Giving the hunters a win for not doing their job doesn’t seem right either.

How would you feel if there was no time clock?


Neeeuuu! Then troll monsters could just prolong the game FOREVER. We already have issues with thay! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait what?What does the clock have to do with the stage 3 relay fight?The hunters must get back in there to defend the relay.Not because of the lock…



I disagree with this strongly because it would leave the monster to just jump in combo fight tell armor is gone then run and repeat tell everyone has two strikes and its a breeze. The time forces the game to end and that is the point of it so games don’t last an hour.


Btw also.If you remove the clock.Why should the monster ever fight if he doesn’t have armor?

Why not make 50 minute games?Go in try give strike go back.Repeat until it works.For ever.Till matches will be 1 hour


The relay position is in favor of the hunters. So why should there be a timer that give the win to the hunter? The hunters always fall back to position of advantage and wait for the time to run out or fight from an advantaged position.
I am not trying to argue I am interested in what you all think.
Can you all explain why should the hunters win if the time runs out? Should there not be a mechanic to least award the win to whoever did the most damage. In other timed games doesn’t the person who got beat up the most lose?


Makes no sense really.If there is no timer monster won’t ever have to fight.Why does the relay fights give advantage to the hunters?If you are stage 3 you can kill hunters with 2 skills.

Did most damage?Wouldn’t work.Monsters even when they loose they deal much more damage than hunters do.

I really dunno why you think clock is bad.Game is giving you 20 minutes to feed,evolve,fight.20 minutes are more than enough.There are talks in ESL of reducing it to 15 minutes.


I get your point about people prolonging games and that makes sense.


Why then should the hunters always win when the clock runs out?


and I feel the landscape of the power relay favors the hunters. There are areas where as a monster you want to fight because you can corner all the hunters together. Wide open power relays with towers and such for the hunter to circle favor them.


Because it makes sense?Monster at stage 2 and 3 is more powerfull than the hunters.The mission is to kill the relay or the hunters.

Actually you know nevermind.Let’s say the monster wins if the timer goes out.Why would the monster ever stay to fight?Why wouldn’t it just be running for 20 minutes until it wins?Never fight.Inside domes he will just be running around juking damage and then keep running.Only eat/armor up to tank up next dome.Then go up in running again.

Anyway my English knowledge is bad and i can’t say exactly what i think.Bottom line is that the clock is good.If you can’t evolve to stage 3 and win within 20 minutes you are doing something wrong.


1 player doing damage vs 4 players simultaneously doing damage

How exactly is that in the monster favour at for totaling up damage at the end.


I don’t feel like I am doing anything wrong. I am not a pro by any means but since this last patch I have noticed a significant tilt towards the hunters. I went from about 50/50 to not winning at all.
Just curious how would you rate yourself? Expert, normal?


That’s what i remember when seeing the damage in the observer mode after each match.I could be wrong.I think not tho


Normal like anyone else.

What i’m trying to say is that we have only won once by timer like 2 months ago.Since then never again.


I got to run but if you are on ps4 I would appreciate your feedback on what you think I am doing wrong. It may very well be possible that I am running into strong groups of hunters. I just feel like I went from winning half the time to not winning at all.


If there were still a relay, the hunters would still withdraw to it, timer or not. In fact, if there were no timer hunters would have even less incentive to put pressure on the monster and might just set up at the relay from the beginning.

The relay and the timer force a fight to happen. If there were no timer, the monster could drag things out indefinitely and win essentially every game. No incentive for him to trade health for strikes when he can just go armor up and try again.

The hunters have to defend the relay - this forces them to fight, rather than run. The monster has to destroy the relay - this forces it to fight, rather than run. The power relay’s health bar is essentially the hunters’ timer.

If the monster were able to win by the clock, there would be nothing forcing a fight, games would be a bunch of skirmishes around the relay (or the hunters sitting around doing nothing) until the monster won on time. If there were no clock, then the game would be a bunch of skirmishes around the relay until the monster eventually whittled the hunters down to win.

The timer mechanic feels fine as-is, IMO. If anything, I’d make the sudden death timeout a little shorter so that it was harder for the monster to keep the timer paused for combat while re-armoring.


What if the food started vanishing over time? Less and less food till there is none.


I can’t give you any advices besides being on PC i’m a bad monster.But i still haven’t understood what is the problem with the clock.What makes you loose now that the timer affects, that it wasn’t being used before the previous patch?Because you said you used to win but now not


Even sneaky Monsters can reach Stage 3 by the 10 minute mark. No need to adjust it. The timer is only there to combat the cowardly Monsters that employ the “Flee til 3” strategy.