The monster's issues: the terrain


You might have noticed that the maps are mostly made of rough terrains like armory, distillery, etc…and you may ask me “Are you going to talk about the issue of the wacky angles and the hit n’ run strategy of the rock platforms?” and I will answer with a deep and rough voice “YES”.

The hunters have the habit of going on the top of the platforms to have a clear view of the monster, but sometimes they know (or not) that it gives a big disadvantage to the monster down there and because the monster is wayyy under the hunte- what? I don’t hear anything, can you speak louder? The platform is too high, can you climb to me? HAH, too bad I fell from the big rock you were climbing!

Anyway, it forces the monster to climb the platform and make him realise that the beautiful little Argema mittrei which was on the top of the flower fell from it because it would love to sniff the cocaïne that fell from the junkie which was trying to capture the taunting butterfly.

The angles, huuug…the damn angles, only Bob can resolve this problem with his shockwave.
The angles are the shield of the hunters, their strategic shield. If a Goliath throw a rock, they step back, if a Kraken throw a lighting strike, they step back behind the rock, if Miley (and I say it loudly) VOMIT, they…stand still…with their eyes of fried whiting…watching…Miley vomiting…thinking about what they are going to cook this afternoon.

I don’t blame the hunters (maybe a little bit…or just a bit) or the monsters, I blame the way of fighting with tons of platforms.

The tall of the rocks

is too damn high


umm thriw something at them


Say that to Wraith, or Gorgon, or EKraken. Everyone else, it’s really just a matter of stepping back twice and laughing as the rock collides with the side of the pillar.

Goliath is getting better climb speed in TU09, which is phenomenal.


umm death spiral the rock up warp blast up there spit on the pillar


The pillars OP is presumably referring to are the super tall ones, not the ones you can reach with spit.

Death spiral - step a couple feet in either direction. Rock throw - again, take a step back.


do a traversal then ability


I’m not saying there aren’t options, but it is seriously so easy for hunters to roach.


I’d say short pillars/plateaus are worse against someone who knows how to juke. They can jump up and down them with enough jp to dodge.


Aaand it’s flagged…again.


Bob will always be the one able to fix this problem, but with the 9.0 patch, Bob will (maybe) no longer be the only one able to resolve the problem.


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