The Monster side has no "personality"


This is a big part of why I don’t like to play as the Monster, I love to fight a hard match and succeed as the Monster as much as the next guy but I never pick it as my first choice.

The reason for that is, it’s just kinda dull.

As a Hunter I love hearing all the little tidbits of lore and other quirky things from all the Hunters, the Hunters themselves built up a great picture of the universe they live in but the Monsters are just kinda there destroying stuff, with no real reason why highlighted by the game.

The mystery of it is cool and all but it makes playing as a Monster feel…empty. You’re just a mindless monster destroying stuff for some reason.
You can’t play with friends, you have no real goal besides destroy stuff or anything like that. It’s very lonely.

I feel like people would enjoy playing as the Monster more if you did know why they were attacking the colonies.
Perhaps convey that through interactions with some kind of “Queen” Monster, like in Alien.

I’m not sure what else to suggest here, unless we want a Monster language or Monsters that straight up talk human languages but I feel the game would have been greatly improved by that and people probably wouldn’t moan so much about matchmaking issues.

It’s a bit late now to add that in but if there’s ever an Evolve 2 or Evolved(patent pending) that would vastly improve the experience.

Lastly I see something about a possibly canned Monster called “The Host” or something, maybe that could have functioned as the “Queen” type Monster controlling things behind the scenes.

Even a generic human villain controlling the Monster would have been nice.


It’s a common thing. A good way to go about it isn’t actual speech, but internal monologue (Which would be in actual intelligible words, but make it clearly not talking, but what it’s thinking)


I like to pretend like hunters can hear me at times especially when there is an annoying harpoon griffin I am like oh son you have gone and f**** up now!* but that may be cause I am slightly crazy and love watching the hunters be ripped apart.


Yeah I do that too but it’s a shame that we have to.

@SArais That would be cool.

I can imagine being attacked by the Hunters and hearing an epic Goliath voice all like “YOU THINK YOUR BULLETS CAN STOP ME”

I’d be fine with Hank’s theory on how maybe the monsters gain the memories of the colonists they eat, perhaps it could function as a hive mind so they all know language just don’t have the function to speak it out loud.
Or something like The Host could project memories like that in to Monsters.


Yeah, I imagine the heirarchy is:

Goliath: Footsoldier (confirmed)
Kraken: Tactician
Wraith: Assassin + Transport
Behemoth: Seige
Host: Commander + Relay


Call it the HIVE MIND


The monsters are just defending their home from the colonists and hunters. I think that’s pretty clear as it is


No that is just one of the theories. The monsters (Behemoth) were also on Factor Maggie’s homeworld which they destroyed


Maybe a behemoth egg was carried to Shear without their knowledge? Or vice versa?


There are many theories to where the monsters come from so there is no pretty clear explanation. I was just using behemoth on factor as an example that they are not natives


You just don’t get it, do you?


It was confirmed (though you would have to search for it, I don’t remember which thread) that monsters are NOT native to Shear and might have ties back to the Sol system.

This was a long time ago though, like before we even knew about Kraken. So you’ll have to look waaaay back.


So it’s a place to train hunters maybe? For an even bigger threat…


Fun fact: EbonStar knew about the Monsters 13 months before the events of Shear.


Fun fact monsters can kill a whole crew stage one.


Mindless killers?? All we monsters ever wanted was to hug everyone in the galaxy. But behemoth likes licking people…


Yeah they already made it clear that the monsters aren’t natives. Also protect? Have you seen the planet on the 5th day of evacuation? They did more damage to the ecosystem in 5 days than humans have ever done.


And THAT can be very appealing to some players :slight_smile:


I see your point too OP. I feel like that is something I dont really like about playing the monster. Have you tried playing in customs and being in the same chat as the hunters. It does lower the conpetitiveness but it is a fun and different experience. And a lot less lonely lol


Would be nice if you could vote on allowing monster chat. All players would have to vote yes prior to match start so you don’t end up with griefing, but would be a neat feature to have the option without needing a custom game. Anything to make ‘random’ games more interesting I think would be nice since most people do the random hunt search :slight_smile: