The Monster Race Edition feels like you are buying two season passes


So yeah, you got the game, the game with the season pass and then the Monster Edition which basically is a second season pass offering a further two characters and one monster.

I can’t help but think it might of been better to just have one giant fat season pass. It was a bit misleading also, I am still sort of confused by the bragging rights, skins for 30 days detail. o_0


The skins will all be out in the store eventually.There is nothing exclusive for anyone in this game.Maybe timed-exclusive.For example us who pre-orded and took some skins,those skins will be available in the store in 30 days.

Also as for the season pass things that was bad marketing from 2K.Unfortunately TRS has nothing to do with that.Its all on 2K hands.

Anyway i also bought PCMR but i’m cool.Means i will get some cool stuff with like 30-40$ less money.


“Hunting Season Pass” was a pretty bad choice of name for the thing that it is. I understand the desire to have the “hunting season” play on words there, but in most other games, a “season pass” is a pack that locks in all major upcoming DLC at a discount.

SO MUCH of the hate I have seen is due to people buying a thing called “Hunting Season Pass” that they think is the Evolve season pass, when in actuality all it ever was is the next tier of hunters. Similarly, the “Monster Expansion Pack” includes just one more monster.

I think probably the most deserved criticism that I see 2K/TRS getting (other than the pricing) is the lack of such a typical season pass. The “Monster Race edition” is the closest thing, but it’s still just “you get these X pieces of an indeterminable amount of future DLC” when I think what people were expecting to see were bundle packages that included the next X monsters and/or tiers of hunters.