The monster: Pounce Error?


I feel like this is somewhat gamebreaking. Not sure if it is intentional. People seem to be instant pouncing as soon as they are in sight? Is there no cooldown to this? No delay? No stop to it?

Anyone else feeling this as a thing?


Kraken is the only Monster in the game with a continuous pounce as his animation is extremely short if he hits you with the pounce. The best way to deal with this is to gain vertical distance, and have your teammates spray the monster. He won’t deal any damage if you play against this properly.


Goliath seems to be able to as well. Looks more like a non-sneaking monster just instantly pouncing at a pretty far range.


Goliath seems to have a far pounce range, but one jetpack dodge up or back will get you out of range.