The Monster Minion victory reward is overpowered: A proposal to fix it


Evacuation isn’t truly a serious mode, but the Minion follower bonus is overpowered without the downside of an alternate victory condition that Nest provides.

To balance it, I would simply make it zone in on and attack the Hunters rather than follow the Monster, forcing an earlier fight with less armor if the Monster wishes to support it, or simply buying the Monster time as the Hunters engage it.


The minions in nest get obliterated in like five seconds, I think the minion reward is fine as it is.


Not the Nest minion, the one you get as a reward.

The crucial difference is that the reward minion follows the Monster and doesn’t go ham for the Hunters.


A bit off topic (Maybe?) but in similar news, if you go into Nest with the Minion Reward from the prior day, Hunters must Kill that Minion to win.

A… surprise, to say the least (Would be nice to have an additional Minion Symbol to represent it, we spent ~a minute wondering why we hadn’t won when the last egg died before Moma Goliath and Mini-me burst through the bushes)… and that Minion doesn’t fall over in seconds like Nest ones do…

I’m fine with the Minion in other modes; it really stacks the odds against you and you need to burn it down like… yesterday. It leaves its mark for sure, such is many other Map effects (No Sniff one is CRIPPLING >.<)


I’ve lost because of that, once.

It is incredibly game-changing: far more than anything Hunters get including sniff.

Very hard to fight with a minion going yolo for the Medic.


I know, it seems like you were suggesting that the reward minion would behave like the nest one and would be wiped out in less than a minuet after starting the game.


It would create a significant delay, or the Monster could fight alongside it for early strikes.


I suppose but honestly I think its fine as it is. Having the minion follow you and help take out wildlife is much more appealing than having it dart off at the start of the match and die while I’m sneaking off to stage up.


I just hate when it sees the medic, it is ruthless with how it beats you down, that thing will die before giving you up. Other than that i feel its fine.


It is somewhat insanely strong without the Nest restrictions in helping fight the Monster.

It is a much stronger advantage than the spotter ship.


I’ve gone up against this 2 to 3 times as Bucket and solo killed the minion… If you as a hunter are doing your job right you should have at least 1 or 2 chances to fight the monster at Level 1. Tell someone on your team, such as the assault to focus the minion and have the other 3 play OHGODOHGODOHGOD DONT KILL ME! (Defensive) with the Monster.


Minion in hunt mode:
Definitely the hardest one. But 3 points:

  1. If you’re doing your job right, you should be able to catch them at stage 1. The minion isn’t so hard to catch in the arena, so grabbing it means the monster player has to a) leave the minion to 1v4, which gives it a big head start, but at least you kill the minion, or b) come in and assist, meaning you’re fighting it at stage 1 anyway.
  2. You’re TOLD there’s a minion. If you’re playing as the same teammates as usual, some of them aren’t made for 2v4s. Try playing as different hunters or with different masteries than usual, like taking reload speed on Maggie (her harpoon traps are great vs minions), taking Hyde instead of Markov (AOE grenades damage both the monster AND the minion at the same time), Taking either jet pack boost Lazarus (To more easily avoid the minion + to revive teammates) or damage resistance Caira to tank the minion, or damage boost on Bucket (Sentry guns are great vs the minion).
  3. If it’s in hunt mode, that means you had a choice over which map + mode to play beforehand. Just avoid playing in the Refueling Tower unless you’re confident you can win. Maybe you’re playing a rescue instead of a nest, but does that really matter?

In rescue, not much changes, really. Your main focus should STILL be protecting the survivors rather than killing the monster, it just makes it that much harder. Still doable, though.
Nest is essentially the same as usual, just with one extra ‘egg’ to kill that has slightly different AI. The monster can’t hatch another egg to get 2 minions, so it’s not all that different, really.


I agree the Armoured minions in defend are leagues too powerful compared to the perk the hunters get which is only good by this much

So hopefully they get toned down to a more reasonable number.

Suggest you add DEFEND MODE into the post title to prevent any further confusion.


I find it’s fine for rescue and hunt, we generally kill it before it does too much damage (I’ve even used it to track sneaking monsters in hunt), but for nest it’s definitely annoying with how you now have to kill an extra minion

Also @Azmi_Anuar , Judging by the OP second post it looks like hes not talking about the armoured minions but the one that follows you


As a medic player you can literally not do anything while a minion is around you. They just have perfect aim and perfect sense of where you are. It’s ridiculous. You just have to run around hoping you can stay alive long enough for your team to kill the minion.

Had this happen at least 3 times already… It’s basically impossible to win. The minion is too fuckin strong. I had one game where I was Laz and we had 4 minutes left to try and kill the minion and we just couldn’t friggin get him.
Then the other two games the monster just ran with his minion and hid lmao… How fuckin fair is that… monster can essentially go run and hide with one of his eggs that doesn’t appear on the map lmao.


that won’t work well because the minions AI mostly engages the medic first :wink:


It can be quite difficult to stay safe as a team and kill the Minion if the Monster is applying pressure properly.


It is about the minion follower gained as one of the victory rewards.


That has been my experience - not much time for anything but running for your life as Medic and hoping your team can take the Monster with a fraction of your attention.


It’s hilarious watching it as Laz. I could be 100 meters away, well out of smell range, no real way to see me and the very second my cloak deactivates I can literally watch the minion stop what it’s doing and steamroll its way towards me.


Occasionally it can be amusing to break cloak and see it turn around, only to awkwardly go back to what it was doing when cloak resumes.

Though Laz must run for dear life when the cloak is on cool-down.