The Monster Galaxy and Atom Hypothesis


I was just looking at this picture some minutes ago:

And I realised something very interesting: that atoms have the same physical properties as planetary systems, which is evident in Bohr’s equation where he equated the electromagnetic force to the centrifugal force.

Then something struck my mind:

From very large distances (15 billion light years), galaxies start to band together to become DNA-like strains, like this:

This means that if we take solar systems as atoms, they would all band together to become universe-sized DNA strains, just like how atoms become the helix structure of DNA. This means that at scales of around 1500 trillion light years or more, the universe would resemble the way biological organisms work, and thus the universe is a gigantic lifeform by itself.

What does this mean?

That there is no evidence against the idea that monsters can be made of galaxies.

Conversely, look at this structure:

This shows how atoms are made of even smaller particles, which are made of string-like appendages, just like those of this universe.

This means that it is possible that at scales of many nano-nano-nano-meters, we could be made of miniature galaxies with civilizations on them.

So this offers a 2nd possibility: that monsters make up the electrons that in turn make us all up.



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