The Moment


That Moment…

When random pugs all of a sudden all choose their best players to duke it out to the death…

These players were true bad-asses, no one had a mic, yet the the teamwork, my GOD was it phenomenal

It’s been ages since I’ve lost as a monster or had my heart continue to race even when I won

This is why I play Evolve


I’m adding all of them rn. Huge shoutout to them!


Close games are best, almost lost a game yesterday to a premade but I evolved to stage 3 basically in front of them thought I would die but lucky I had two strikes on trapper and killed him and got out of the dome and ran off to armor up and then they kept making mistakes and I win by destroying the relay, it was so close and got my heart pounding, I love games when I think I lost just to come back and win, has happened many times to me as monster


Wait, but did you win or lose?


He won, past tense? So I surmise he beat them.
But then again, he also said it has been ages since he lost? I have no idea. He contradicts himself. I can see why you’re confused.


Exactly. Because despite the bugs, the balance issues, despite the terrible matchmaking and the griefers or trolls, it’s an amazing game. And we all live for that one match that comes down to the wire.

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So true. I get frustrated and pick a different game. I find myself thinking evolve strategies while playing other games. So I have to come back to playing Evolve. I hate the game sometimes. But I love it way more than I hate.

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I’ll sometimes get so frustrated with it and just straight up ragequit, but I can never stay mad for long. :stuck_out_tongue:


What are pugs?


Public games with randoms :). I assume as much. Maybe I need to be corrected. I assume that’s what it means. Everybody keeps throwing that term around. :wink:


Exactly, and I had no idea what they are talking about.


Lost once as behemoth, then played as Goliath and won by a close margin.

I kinda get the confusion but I’m pretty sure that was correct wording. Maybe shoulda split the sentence instead.


Pugs pubs, I hardly even know the difference. So I just use them synonymous.