The moderators for the forum


hi, :smiley: i wanted to ask you guys for a favor, over te time I have been progressing in my concept art for evolve and now that it is getting close to the end I have older versions of them just floating around the forums, was wondering if you (Moderators) could stop the replies to those older versions and reference them to the newest verion. ill put the link for the threads I want closed and referenced to the newest thread at the bottom. Thanks so much, this should help in making the replies more centralized on the newest thread,to have a more engaging conversation on these concepts. thanks :smiley:

close replies:

reference all of these topics to this thread so people are linked to the most recent :smiley:

thank you guys so much, should make it easier for me to follow the replies on these concpts now that they will be all in one place. If there are any questions, just let me know, ill try to clear up what I mean the best I can.


I can do that for you now.


thank you lol, it just was overwhelming to follow like 5 threads all at once


Should be all set now.