The MMORPG Called "Life", Anyone Tried It?


I once tried it, kept getting punished for killing enemy monsters. So I eventually gave up and became a hobo. But hey, at least it has some badass graphics, right?


It sucks that all your decisions are permanent. That and the fact that a good 50% of the online player base are terribads and tryhards. The people who pay 2 win and just buy out all the best stuff without having to work for it also cheeses me.


There’s some pretty big names in the game, but honestly I think the graphics are over hyped and the controls are sluggish.

i’ll probably wait and rent it at blockbuster later.


Wait, there are still blockbusters where you are?


nope, just something we used to say back in the nintendo days. :stuck_out_tongue:


Blockbuster and West Coast Video 4 Lyfe


I remember renting my first nintendo games from a local mom and pop shop back east called Erols.


I unlocked the “get blamed by power company when automatic payments doesn’t pay your bill” achievement today. At first they said it wasn’t possible this could happen, then they blamed me, then they blamed my bank, and then they blamed some company in Canada. Took an hour and a half to fix it – that’s 85 minutes too long. This game is really annoying…


I hate how every day, 6-8 hours is used for maintenence. And don’t get me started on malware, bloatware, and other viruses you get from others. Some are even intentionally spreading it on purpose. I’d like an updated GUI that would allow me the ability to mute/squelch others a lot easier.


At first I was like, “not a bad joke”! Then I was like, “oh, wait, someone actually made a MMORPG called life”. Then I clicked the link and facepalmed myself.

Looks like I’ll have to spend some more time grinding cleverness.


Yup, I would say. :smiley:


I heard perma-death is a feature. I really wish the Lazarus device existed in this game.


Heck, I wish hex save file editing was a feature. I could really use a few “39’s” in my bank account.


Only thing Blockbuster was good for was for being in The Lost World where that guy runs to it and is eaten by the rex. I’m not sure which choice was worse, being eaten y the rex or going to Blockbuster. COME GET ME REX! :smile: