The mechanics of Cabot's dust tagging


Does anyone know when the timer starts for dust tagging?

Using arbitrary numbers (someone please give me the real numbers because I have not timed it yet):

If you dust an area for 10 seconds… and he walks into at the 9th second, is he now dusted for 10 more seconds? or just 1 second?

The dust is a great way to area denial a monster but I was wondering how it functions.

@MacMan halp me plz <3


It feels to me like if it’s not in the area when the dust hits, it doesn’t get dusted. Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention, but I’d be curious to know if I’m wrong.


I am for sure that it does dust a monster when he walks in, I’ve seen it happen unless the dust slowly spreads


90% sure it starts from whenever he gets dusted not just when the dust falls.


That’s what I was thinking but am not sure… do you know the numbers for the timing of the dust?


I know the cooldown is 70 seconds. I’m not sure about the uptime.


To me it seemed, that the tag was shorter when the monster walked in afterwards.


Hard to say with the massive fps drop it causes…


I can try to test this today against a bot monster when I stream.