The Matchmaking issue



Yesterday I played against a one hour monster and today with one thousand. That’s unfair, sometimes is too easy and sometimes is too hard. I wanna play with player of my level,not higher,not lower , just my level,is that too hard ?I know that there isn’t a lot of players,but it would be so good.
I’ll give an exemple:
Today I played with a lvl 21 griffin( I’m 52). he didn’t do anything, really , but It’s not his fault , he is new at the game, How would he beat a monster with 300 hours ?How would I beat a monster with 1400 hours?
To play as a Team you need harmony,but you can’t have harmony if your teammate has 100 hours less than you, as I sad: IT’S UNFAIR!
I suggest a matchmaking based on time played ,winrate(w/l) and the total number of victories. It would help everyone, new players,normal players and good players. You don’t learn anything from winnig a new player and you don’t learn anything from loosing(being massacred is the right word) a good player.
That’s my opinion,if you have one,do not be afraid to talk! I want to talk about it
P.S I love this game,I just want to see it get better and better


yea my friends think the same, they all have about 500h in evolve, are not that high skilled… mostly around silver skilled but they think the new matchmaking makes the games pretty boring for them, because they play a lot games against monster who have like 10-20 hours in evolve, they even play fun combs and not their most fav roles to make the games in some way more interesting but at the moment, they don’t feel like playing much evolve because of this.


Yeah, it’s pretty boring,if I may say so. The game last 5 minutes and the monster generally just run. I agree with you, I don’t fell like playing Evolve this days