The matchmaking is getting annoying (PS4)


my friends and I lose more time trying to find a game that the time we play is really annoying, when it finds a match takes someone out from the game, or puts us against a monster robot

The game is good but we are regretting having bought the game we lost a lot of time trying to play

They are working to correct this? @MacMan


Yeah I have this problem as well on ps4 gets really annoying and made some friends RQ so im hoping they fix soon…


same here…


It no better on xbox either :confused: spend 30 minutes looking for a game to have your friend inexplicably get kicked. To top it off they have this weird contingency that when you get kicked it’s impossible to rejoin your friends, and if you do, you get put as the monster.


Yeah, you’d think that you would get into a match right away having this game released worldwide. There is probably thousands playing at a time yet it does take a while. I do not really have a problem with this because I do have a lot of time granted that it is presidents week. I do really get annoyed for how long the wait is to join a match. And after you join a round that takes a while and you get a class you don’t really like, when you leave the game makes you wait a whole minute before joining a match. PLEASE CHANGE THIS DEVS!