The maps we've been waiting 6 weeks for


Has the date been pushed back?

They predicted 6pm central.
They said less than 3 hours ago “this afternoon.” it’s now, most definitely, mid- late evening.

Had something stalled it that I just haven’t been able to find, or is it still just a waiting game?


They should be available now.


They are released at 8PM Pacific Time. I’m in Pacific Time, and it is currently 5:45 PM.


8PM EST according to the news feed.


Actually, it was 8pm eastern which would make it 7 central. It’s about 45 minutes past. I keep checking for updates on PS4, but I got nothin’.


O rlly m8?


I’m playin a new map rn so :confused:


Wat. Wat is dis. It says PT. That does mean Pacific Time, right? •-•


Iunno, all I know is I’m Tiger Goliath stompin around on Broken Hill Foundry ^.^
Its such a weird map 0.o


Yup! That is new. I stand corrected.


Well apparently @Quirkly is already playing Foundry. Maybe they got it wrong on the site? @Macman


But the world needs to know if you have the voodoo skin for wraith yet! Haha jk :slight_smile:


Checking out the new maps now, didn’t get the Wraith Voodo skin yet :confused:


Ps4 Right?


Me? no, PC


Damn your platform


Hey devs, when will we get the skins?