The Macropatch Summary(updated with unfinalized patch notes)


ALL CHANGES ARE NOT 100% FINAL, BUT HAVE COME DIRECTLY FROM DEVS IN THE “So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately” THREAD


Fire DOT’s can no longer be put out by water



strike penalty reduced to 15% of max health from 20%

view range of glowing monster tracks increased to 200m from 40m


All Medics(bar Emet and RV)
standardized Healburst range to 30m

sniper zoom level decreased to 2 from 3

Rogue Val
chain medgun direct incap heal reduced to 120 from 140
chain incap heal decreased to 60 from 70

increased buoy passive heal to 40 h/s from 30 h/s
increased buoy health to 90 from 25

buffed personal healburst to same numbers of buoy healburst

replay cannon damage reduced to 40 on both tracker and missile shots

ability to queue shots added to both grenade launchers

spore cloud reveal time when hit increased to 2 seconds from 1

healburst heal other reduced to 208 from 231
self heal reduced to 195 from 201
incap heal from heal burst reduced to 300 from 317


Cousin Hank
orbital barrage first 3 warning shot damage reduced to 200 from 360
delay on warning shots increased to 1.5 from .1 sec

laser cutter damage per shot decreased to 25 from 32

Hank the Technical Tank
+100% Shield Charger Capacity

devs have confirmed that no buffs are in store this micropatch for Bucket

mininuke damage reduced to 135 from 165

thrust provided by booster lowered to 25% from 40%

capacity restored to 100% from 75%


harpoon trap toss range increased to 10 from 8

smg damage increased to 22 from 20

Mad Mags
flamethrower daisy double damage glitch removed

harpoon trap activation time increased to 3.5 seconds from 3
trigger distance reduced to 25 from 30

burst smg damage decreased to 10 from 15

harpoon damage decreased to 75 from 150

custom shotgun damage per pellet increased to 12 from 11

The Jackal
damage decreased to 250 from 500
cooldown decreased to 30 seconds from 60 seconds

slightly increased pistol damage

possible repulsor capacity and recharge rework

Crowbi GO!
Gobi sight reduced to 35m from 40m
Gobi cooldown increased to 6 from 4 seconds

LongRifle spread max reduced to 8 from 10
LongRifle zoom level decreased to 2 from 3

stasis gun velocity reduced to 125m/s from 250m/s
stasis no longer stops behemoth roll

stasis gun rapid shot stasis effect duration increased to 1.5 from .5 seconds
stasis gun rapid shot clip reduced from 20 to 10
stasis gun rapid shot radius increased by to 1 from .1

stasis gun charge shot stasis effect duration decreased to 6 from 8 seconds
stasis gun charge shot radius increased to 2.5 from .1


toxic grenade DPS reduced to 120 from 135

Rage Trooper
rocket damage reduced to 80 from 90

super soldier movespeed buff reduced

damage decreased to 160 from 180

plasma lance damage increased to 150 from 90 at stage 1, and 200 from 180 at stage 2
plasma lance damage decreased to 250 from 270 at stage 3, and 300 from 380 at stage 4

anti air cannon damage per bullet decreased to 40 from 45


All Monster
updated melee hit boxes
incap grapple animation removed from all monsters

armor after evolve set to 35%

monster smell range increased to 100m
scent uptime increased to 2 seconds from 1
auto sense radius increased to 30m from 20

Goli(and Meaty)
climb speed increased by 25%

heavy melee damage at all stage changed to 175 from 275
light melee damage at all stages changed to 80 from 90

snowball damage increased to 150 from 135
snowball max radius reduced to 3m from 4m at S1 and 3.5m from 4m at S2

1 point aftershock radius reduced to 9 from 9.4m
2 point aftershock radius reduced to 10 from 11.7m
3 point aftershock radius reduced to 12m from 14m

lightning strike cooldown reduced by 1 sec at all points (at 3 points it is now 9 sec instead of 10

vortex cooldown reduced to 7 sec from 8 at all points

banshee mine damage reduced to 310 from 345 at 1P, 316 from 355 at 2P, and 341 from 380 at 3P

air busrt upward angle increased to 18 from 0
air burst cooldown reduced to 17 from 20

chain lightining arc length increased to 15m from 12 at 1P and 17m from 15 at 2P

lightning strike radius increased to 7m from 4 at 1P, 8m from 5m at 2P, and 9m from 6.4 at 3P

fixed instances where death spiral would spawn behind ek
reduced death spiral cooldown to 10 sec from 12
increased death spiral radius to 5m from 3 at 1P, 6m from 4m at 2P, and 7m from 5m at 3P

increased Banshee Missile radius to 4m from 3.2 at 1P, 5m from 3.9 at 2P, 6.5m from 5m at 3P
reduced missile travel speed to 55 m/s from 60

heavy melee reduced to 225 from 248
light melee increased to 99 from 90
heavy animation glitch removed
air heavy animation restored

warp blast damage increased to 517 from 470 at 1P, 532 from 484 at 2P, and 568 from 517 at 3P

abduction damage increased to 418 from 380 at 1P, 430 from 391 at 2P, and 459 from 418 at S3

light melee damage reduced to 90 from 112
max wall pounce damage reduced to 300 from 600

web snare effect duration reduced to 2 seconds from 4 at all points
dps doubled to compensate for halved duration
jet pack recharge debuff removed
radius increased to 4m from 2 at 1P, 5m from 3 at 2P, 6m from 4 at 3P

direct damage radius increased to 2.5m from 2 at 2P, and 3m from 2 at 3P
direct dps increased to 39 from 20 at 1P, 40 from 21 at 2P, and 42 from 22 at 3P
pool radius increased to 2m from 1.6 at 1P, 3m from 2m at 2P, and 4m from 2.6m at 3P
pool lifetime reuced to 3 seconds at all points(was 6 seconds at 3P)
pool dps reduced by ~10%

spider trap stalk range increased to 16m from 10
spider trap stalk speed increased to 12m/s from 5
max grapple time reduced to 3 seconds from 10
traps take double damage when grappling hunters
health decreased to 190 from 246 at 1P, 209 from 308 at 2P, 230 from 400 at 3P
initial damage reduced to 339 from 342 at 2P
passive dps increased to 133 from 40 at 1P, 136 from 41 at 2P, and 147 from 48 at 3P

mimic now applies a 6 sec DOT acid burn
acid burn dps is 70 at 1P, 71 at 2P, and 77 at 3P
mimic explosion damage halved
mimic husk health increased to 380 from 320 at S1,and 415 from 400 at 2P
mimic husk health decreased to 450 from 520 at 3P
gorgon break health increased to 1200 at all points
mimic explosion radius increased to 6m from 5 at 1P, and 7m from 6.2 at 2P
delay before able to explode mimic decreased to 1 sec from 2
delay before camera returns to gorgon after explosion reduced to 0 from 1 sec

roll knockback reduced to 10 from 20

fissure damage decreased to 432 from 446 at 1P, 454 from 460 at 2P, and 475 from 491 at 3P

lava bomb cooldown decreased to 7 from 8 seconds
lava bomb initial damage increased to 432 from 227 at 1P, 454 from 234 at 2P, and 475 from 250 at 3P
droplet damage decreased to 50 from 100 at 1P, 53 from 125 at 2P, and 55 from 150 at 3P

rockwall cooldown decreased to 4.5 seconds from 8
rockwall stand time decreased to 4.5 seconds from 8
rockwall damage decreased to 350 from 355 at 1P
rockwall damage increased to 368 from 355 at 2P, and 385 from 355 at 3P
rock wall slabs width decreased to 4 from 5 at 2P, and to 5 from 9 at 3P
rockwall damage decreased to 432 from 446 at 1P, to 454 from 460 at 2P, and to 475 from 491 at 3P

tongue grab cooldown reduced to 7 sec from 8
tongue grab damage increased to 300 from 288 at 1P, to 325 from 296 at 2P, and to 350 from 317 at 3P

As usual, they haven’t told us every change. There have been hints of a re-balancing of the whole support class, making all of them viable and these changes have been hinted to be coming in the micropatch but it isn’t confirmed.

If I missed anything, go ahead and quote it and I’ll add it, or just get a leader to do it if I’m being lazy :turtle:

So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately
For Christ Sake do something pls
Why does Wasteland Daisy burn the invisible Wraith?
NO ONE plays on PC. Is there some kind of deal to transfer to XB1?
Experienced Xbox One Players! Please Help!
So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately
So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately
What is the upcoming content in Evolve?
Not divided about Evolve

Broliath gets air control, wraith a new decoy.


That’s in TU09, not the micropatch unfortunately…


Oh yeah, I forget sometimes.



And no fix for the Charge glitch after traversing?


bugs can’t be fixed in micropatches, only TUs.

as far as the gobi change, it just means you have to wait longer to throw gobi again.


Shouldn’t it be increased from 4s to 6s, not the other way around? :wink:

I’ve made sure to bookmark this thread for future use. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. :slight_smile:


I also believe I saw somewhere that the “air heavy” attack will be fixed for Wraith in that patch as well…


god bless for this, the other thread is a mess to me. thanks!


We (mods and leaders)-kind of wanted to avoid doing this since the changes discussed weren’t all final, and the devs appear to be days away from posting their own change notes.

People reading this need to ensure they take everything with a pinch of salt :slight_smile:

Edit: that said, thanks for compiling, hopefully devs can ensure out of date stuff is communicated to you to change asap.


The healburst radius buff in the micropatch instead of title update? Are you sure about that?

The larger healburst radius uses a completely different effect. If that doesn’t require a code change on their end, then I must say that’s an example of well-thought out programming. I only wish they’d have done so with more stuff to allow even more changes through a micropatch.

Also, is the clim speed buff for Goliath coming in the micropatch as well? The base climb speed for every Monster seems like something they might’ve hard-coded.


The way Squirl said it made it seem like it was in the TU.

of course :sunny:

Yes. Hopefully. @GentlemanSquirl @LordDeath @Insane_521

If you guys have the time to go through this and see if anything has been changed since their mentioning in the other thread.


Guys, the rogue Val “healburst” should be 200 meters. /BadPuns


100% sure.

direct quote:

It is a reply to TU9 changes that devs could talk about though. This was during a larger conversation about what was happening in the micropatch, and the “but” contrasts the climb speed change with the other changes apart of the summer patch changes, so I can only assume the “may do the climb speed changes” refers to changes in the micropatch. That is why I put a “possible” in front of the “increased climb speed”.


Time to show who the real motherfucker is, motherfuckers!


Why would you buff Hank’s shield charger?

As for Mad Mags, why not nerf Daisy’s flamethrower damage, her pistol damage, and add flame snare damage nerf? It’s what she needs.


The community feels Tech Sgt. Hank is underpowered.

The devs want Wasteland Maggie to damage oriented more than CC oriented.


Oh wait I mistook Tech Sgt. for Original Hank.

As for Waggie, I understand that, but can we have just a little Daisy nerf please? I do feel that Daisy’s flamethrower is a little OP. She is like a fifth Hunter almost.


mot talking at you, just a little side-talk
They already are? If players used the cloak more defensively then they’d be fine, minus tweaking of the classes.


I had some time to compare the size of the summary you have here to the size of Gorgon’s changes in the micropatch. Turns out the changes done to Gorgon alone are longer than the list you got here.