The LOVE thread


with all the OP and not so good threads i thought i would make a love thread lol.

When i first started on the forums, i decided i would main monster because im the best :wink: seeing cries for op, I defended goliath as the strongest (still do sorta). but my adventures on shear have steered me otherwise.

I have come to love pretty much all aspects of the game. maybe im lucky in that I play on ps4, and that i have 4 man groups to roll with pretty much nightly. iv come to love playing hunter in ANY role, with ANY character. which means i like every thing about this game lol. so here is my list of loves. feel free to list what you love about your favorite characters.

  • Permatranqing VAL shots.
  • last second laz rez then everyone gets pummeled lol
  • Caira’s dialogue and speed boost
  • hanks op shield saves. he carries games
  • the fact that bucket can solo the monster if the assualt dies on accident
  • cabots awesomo rail gun and dust taggin
  • griffin permapoon is just fun to say. permapoon. and hes awesome
  • abe permatracking and his shotty is nice
  • markov mine placement can win games
  • hydes commentary and his flame thrower lasts forever
  • parnell with item switch is insanely fun.
  • Golaith’s a sniper secretly with rockthrow
  • balls deep kraken is the best kraken. my opinion stands until i fall.
  • wraith can not have decoy and still be a crafty cunning lil shyt lol.

notice i didnt include maggie/? she gets my least favorite. but mag walking is really strong i just dont like her kit lol.

alright what do you guys love? tricks you can do? wombo combos? visually appealing?


This is not what I expected.


dont you dare…not another one of those lol


That chunk of damage that falls off when the rail cannon lands a headshot <3


I thought it was some kind of Valentines thread…

This isnt what I expected :blush:

All I see is permapoon…permapoon.poooooon…I cant get it off my head…



yep harpoon a monster from the point your dome comes down to the next dome comes out and hes in there. thats a permapoon, usually results in a GG. perma tranq is the same thing. land them val shots!


Kraken,just…everything about Kraken.
He looks awesome,he’s fun to play,he just makes me happy.


I love the 'liaths, I love the hunter’s cries,
I love the Arc Mines, I love when Krakens Fly,
I love the colonists, and all their craziness,
Boomdeyadah boomdeyadah
Boomdeyadah boomdeyadah
I love the decoys, I love the autoguns,
I love the striders, I love when people run,
I love to Evolve, in all it’s brilliance,
Boomdeyadah boomdeyadah
Boomdeyadah boomdeyadah
I love the dust tags! I love orbital strikes!
I love the teamwork! And also solo-fights!
I love you hunters, You’re such a tasty snack
Boomdeyadah boomdeyadah
Boomdeyadah boomdeyadah


What do you think? :smile:


And I love you bucket, and your abilities,
I love your dialogue, I love your UAV,
I love to fight you, so I can crunch on you
Boomdeyadah Boomdeyadah
Boomdeyadah Boomdeyadah


I love Wraiths savage Shrieks as she evolves