The love of the Game


I love this game. I like playing as monster, and I play hunter competitivly(trapper). I read so many things about fixing this or that, and people practically telling devs how to make this game. It doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. They are doing a fantastic job over there, not only that, but they are trying 110% to make this game as good as it can be. The bi-weekly balence patches are awesome, the title updates take time so thats fine, and its all still fun to play. I paid $59.99 for this game, and then bought the Hunter season pass, well worth every penny.

In conclusion, keep doing you TRS, love what you do.


I pre-ordered and paid $80 and I do not regret it.


I got the $80 thing on xbox and all the skins since. I just love this game and TRS.


whoever doesnt like this game, is not fun at parties :smirk:


It’s a great game, I payed the $100 PCMR pre-order, with skins since. Also bought a hunter for a friend. ^.-


The reason we have topics discussing balance is because we love this game and the developers. I hope it stays strong.


If it was just talking balance, and people say their two cents and move on, that would be great. It is not however.

“Discussing” is one way to put it. I have found people telling the very co-founder of the game “No, you don’t get it.” When arguing about balance. They have numbers and statistics on their side, and yet are told they do not understand. Not only is that disrespectful, its down right ignorant.




I spent 135 USD on the PCMR edition, and then Steam screwed me over and didn’t give it to me…So I then paid a further 80 USD on the standard edition.

I do not regret it. :wink:


Since everyone keeps trying to one up the previous persons amount spent… Bought game and hunters pass on all 3 platforms. All skins on PS4 and PC, 80% of skins on XBox. T4 hunters/monster on all 3. All hunters elited on PS4, all but 2 hunters and 2 monsters elited on PC and 6 elites on XBox. Cockroach on all 3 platforms. No regret and continue to love this game from every flaw to adrenalin pumping close match :slight_smile:


There are problems that disrupt game experience, maybe you’re just really really lucky and have had 0 problems. But the majority of us have. So dont get upset if people say things need to be fixed when they do. I love evolve don’t get me wrong, but get it off that pedestal bro, theres obvious issues. Issues that are the only thing stopping it from being my favorite.


Evolve is worth it but…I would be pissed as hell at Steam.


I don’t really get mad from things like that. :stuck_out_tongue: Not in my personality I suppose. I mean the loss of money was pretty saddening, but I didn’t get angry.


she doesn’t get mad, she gets even


I loathe the lack of punctuation there and I don’t get the reference/joke. :stuck_out_tongue:


The lack of punctuation was on purpose. I know it irritates grammar nazi’s. And that’s not a reference. Just a saying.


What does it mean?


This game is amazing, and I think TRS does a pretty bang-up job (to quote my very least favorite Hunter, lol) keeping things clanking along. I don’t regret a penny paid for Evolve. :smile:

Are there issues? Sure, and gods know the forums are fast to point them out en masse. However, let it never be said that TRS doesn’t bend over backward to accommodate, and have produced a game that’s genuinely awesome.


Posts like yours make me smile. Lately i’ve seen many upset people in the Evolve facebook groups i’m in complaining about bugs and they make it seem like the game is only 20% playable… You are a gust of fresh air thanks again :smiley:


I’m jumping on the love bandwagon.
This game is insanely amazing, I haven’t been as obsessed over a game since DOTA2, which I have 2.8k hours on.
The characters personalities are top-notch, don’t you even get me started on Hyde, I could go on for miles.
You speak to your players on the forums! There’s not a lot of developers or moderators who do that in other games’ forums, so that’s always real nice.
TRS, you rock. All my love to you.