The Loot Crates Thread

I am against victory only conditions.

If it’s 100% on win only and you lose, especially because of someone’s mistake- well if you thought the occasional rage tantrums some people had before were bad…

Thank you for the feedback Seedsy!

Also, Shara has been down a while. We were a bit too rowdy. haha

Looking to hold it at one of our places though!


The reason i aim to keep “on victory” is to prevent farming.

However it wouldn’t be too bad if they made it 10% on loss :wink: that way you’ll still only see it once in a blue moon.

There are better ways to prevent that.

Still too much of a difference, it would be basically change nothing.

I’m not sure how to think about these crates.

Sure, I love the idea of free stuff just by playing the game.
I also don’t have a problem with the rng, nor keys for duplicates. Thats easy for me because I’m not a collector.

What is not clear to me is how to get them.
I know you only have a little chance for them in the special maps.
But do you get them in in all modes? i’ve played co-op all day at least 25+ games on the special maps(every one kept skipping regular maps to get on special maps) and didn’t get a single crate.

Don’t worry there no problem for you!
Keep playing the specials maps (Overpoweered, Cataclysm, Deepest Dark) and you will a chance to win a crate. If you have no problem with RNG, it wouldn’t matter if you have to play 150 games to have one crate with a supposed rate chance of 10%.

I wonder how many games have been played and how many crates have been earned. Because unless they show those numbers, i will keep thinking there is something wrong with this. it’s a beta, it’s a newly implemented mechanic, we can’t be sure there’s no bug left.

@mizx Do you know if the current phenomenon where Overpowered and Cataclysm dropping chests 100% of the time, even on losses, is intended? I’ve won an Overpowered Co-op game and instantly gotten 4-7 chests in my inventory.

Edit: Not working on Deepest Dark, that’s still RNG.

Yeah, about that…


Haven’t been able to play or look at crates much. I’m disappointed, to be honest, and sorry to say. I’m sure premium crates are more interesting (I wouldn’t know, can’t access them as a UK resident), but I wasn’t a fan of the model in Overwatch and I think I’m less of a fan of how basic crates are implemented. Not looking forward to the time on the forum when people more frequently start opening basic crates for 2750 keys and just get a duplicate return reward of 75 keys.

I feel it needs to be prominently told to people that this is a gambling system and that they could easily lose 2675 keys just for having a go.

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So I’m super confused on this. There’s crates from winning games, and then crates I can buy, but those are only available sometimes, on what conditions? Or do you get crates from winning games and then pay to unlock them, which also makes no sense since there’s no way I’ve won 10ish games on special maps.

Was just logged in now, bought that many basic crates, gave in to my gambling addiction and decided to buy some Gold Keys to get premium crates. For some reason, they weren’t added to my account until I restarted my game, upon which, I can no longer by premium crates - try again later or something like that. Like, what? I was off the game for 10 seconds, where did they go? Do I have to just keep logging in and out in order to use the money I spent?

@mizx @Shaners

Edit: Tried relogging a couple times, then after another rejection, decided to work on my badge. Finish that, check the crates again without logging off, and they’re available. Huh?

You can earn crates by playing variants and I’ve been getting them in matches I’ve lost I don’t know if they adjusted how common they are they drop one item each can be silver keys.

You can buy crates with silver keys or gold keys. Basic crates aka silver key crates drop 3 items gold crates drop 5 items. Gold crates have access to more things not certain what exactly is in silver or gold crates there is currently a thread listing them.

Bug with my2k probably.

You got an unknown


Congrats you just need 27 more to unlock the secret in HG SS


Got the Orca Wraith Skin from the Halloween crate

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Also, Orca Wraith is a good skin to get out of a crate! ^^ Nice find!

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I practically haven’t been winning at all lately and yet I get crates. I mean multiplayer, I do win sometimes against the AI. So it doesn’t have to do with that.
I guess they want people to have crates because it’s a money sink, so I don’t think it’s tied to a very complicated requisite.

Nice catch!

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