The life of these "monsters"


So we are all aware that these monsters function with a hivemind mentality, but my question is what exactly do stage 3 monsters do once they’ve destroyed all of the humans? Do they behave like normal everyday animals? And does a stage 3 monster reverts back to a stage 1 overtime, or does it stays like that forever? And another question is that what exactly does the behemoth do with those tusks? Does he uses them to dig large chunks of rock for consumption? Or does he uses them to dig underground for hibernation? There’s is just so many unanswered questions about these creatures I really want to know about their origins, life cycle and maybe even a documentary about them as well!


isnt that the fun part of evolve? theres so much left to wonder and think about :smile:

Its an invasive species not native to shear. so i will let your mind sit on that and imagine away. the monsters arent finished yet…


The lead writer for Evolve said they were leaving quite a lot about the Monsters up for interpretation, with subtle hints and such.


Ummmm, what? Where is this stated in the game?


Actually the monsters are not in a hive mind. They are more like soldiers of the army, they aren’t under complete control of 1 leader. They can still make their own decisions, but they still follow orders from a superior.


That will be the sequel evolve the documentary. “Here we are tracking the rare elusive Behemoth this large male looks angry but we’re fine unless we enter it’s territory…like we just did…okay boys time to run…eaaaaahhh…gah my arm isn’t suppose to bend that way…oh the humanity…”“We appear to have momentary lost connection with our broad cast team please stay tuned…Quick go to a commercial!


I don’t think we are supposed to think about it this much.


I have developed a theory regarding the life-cycle of a monster.

Like the Zoanoids of Guyver start as humans and are augmented at a genetic level to transform into their battle forms that serve a specific purpose, so too are the Monsters.

All Monsters start as a Goliath, somewhere between their Newborn and Mature states they undergo a mutation at a genetic level to serve a specific purpose. They either turn into bigger Goliaths and serve as the backbone of the Monster Invasion Force, Krakens serve as the artillery, Wraiths serve as elite assassins, etc. And if the first monsters really were humans that were experimented on, that would make them even more Zoanoid-y.

Just wanted to throw that out there.


Possible Home Planet of these monsters Invasion Game mode!


You know what? I think that last part is actually a cool idea.
If the devs made videos with someone from the Evolve world acting like a Steve Irwin or something and chronicling the monsters and wildlife of evolve it would actually be fun to watch. lol


Goliath= Foot Soldier
Kraken= Artillery
Wraith= Assassin
Behemoth= Shock Trooper


I’d consider Behemoth more of a siege engine.


Man I would love this if they do this for a dlc.


So i found an odd dialogue. Caira said that these monsters maybe native to shear as a “home defense” of the planet. that they were dormant and we awoke them from thier slumber. so now idk even tho the devs said they are not native to shear.


Well, Caira doesn’t know everything the devs know. It sounds like a good hypothesis, I can understand an inquisitive mind thinking that through… Doesn’t mean she’s right though!