The life of a turtle (turtle rock studios everyday life documentary)


i would like the idea of even for a one day video footage of turtle rock studios everyday life show us all the workers and the place a little bit more this would be a dream come true. I think we all are interested about your everyday lives and we want to get closer to you devs :). we want to get to know youre daily routines :)!


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. We’re all VEEEEEEEERY interested indeed. . .

  • Get up
  • Come to work
  • Work!
  • Drink coffee
  • Work!
  • Drink coffee
  • Work!
  • Lunch
  • Food coma
  • Post lunch coffee
  • Work work work!
  • Go home


yes X3 but i think a video or a short documentary would give us deeper sense of everything you are doing and gets us all to appreaciate more of what you are doing :3!


You should visit the studio!


And watch them through their window! :thumbsup:


i would be more than glad to visit them only the trip from Finland to their studio it is expencive :confused: ya know :confused:
i hope i will someday meet them as they have made my favorite game already. and they are making the game i was always wondering about when playing the l4d. i always thought of this kind of layout :smiley: 4v1 it would be great to be in a co-op game where you still can be going for the solo role as the monster. i like co-op but sometimes i just dont want to be dependant on the teammates and thats why i want to ravish my enemies as the GOLIATH! x3 but as you said visiting the studios would be my dream come true :3!!!


I wish we could all go! But alas, I think I’ll probably get as close as playing with the team on the Xbox One version perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:


pc for me :stuck_out_tongue: going to get the razer edge pro for the mobile fun of evolve :wink:


Generally speaking the day differs on the job position and whether or not the game in question is launched or still in-development. From our contacts in Sony Online Entertainment, the day pretty much goes like this for the life of a CSR/CRR (for a launched game).

Clock in
Set up desk and open specific applications and windows typically used on a daily basis (such as email)
Answer emails
Attend meetings
Answer support tickets
Continue to answer support tickets
Answer emails again
Clock out

In addition, some of the basic beliefs are actually wrong. For example it is apparently easier to get into the gaming industry if you have a degree in writing rather than in graphic art.


This is pretty much dead-on, except there are more than a few people here that would substitute coffee for tea and/or Red Bull. To each their own.


Is still want to visit the studios its my sanctuary <3


Define ‘work’ ;D


yup exactly ;3


The productive part of being at work :wink:


Is there any possibility to show a quick video update about the game in the studio? To be quite honest with you, I’ve never seen a game studio for real in my entire life!

I’d like to see the people/project behind the product(=game), and how they arrange everything to come to a conclusion.

Example: just a quick photo of a whiteboard with project ideas during the meeting… You know… some kind of inside look.

US = YOU (or was it the other way around? :D)


It’s definitely a possibility, but would require a bit of planning on our side to make sure everything’s ok. I’ve had previous experience doing these kinds of things in the past, which is always fun for everyone, but it’s a matter of making sure everything’s clear from scheduling, legal, and development standpoint before it’s doable.

@JD_2020 likely has plans like this already (he’s cool like that) :smiley: He’s got you covered.


Well, some of what you seek is already here :smile:

But yes, @AmnDragon is not wrong… There will be more glimpses inside the studio to come. Be sure to Like us on Facebook for more studio culture & behind-the-scenes looks as well!



Gonna get my popcorn and watch this. THANKS


watched this video already 10 times thats why im so eager to see more X3 we fans are funny like that we only want more more more more XD just like women… uhhum XD