The Lennox Theorem

By now most of us are aware of the fact that Jack’s last name is Lennox. As in Ida Lennox. Jack is related to the first assault Lennox. But how?

Well, considering that Jack is around 15, and Lennox is older than Griffin, it’s safe to assume that Jack is Lennox’s grandson.

Now, by now I’m sure we’ve all heard Lennox when she’s the last one alive saying something along the lines of, “I hope Arthur made it okay”. But just who IS Arthur?

Well, we would have to go back a bit in the timeline. If Jack is Lennox’s grandson, that means that Lennox at some point had a son or daughter, and they in turn had a child.

Now, although you don’t have to, 99% (not a real statistic) of married women take the last name of their husband. As do the children. Which means it’s highly likely that Jack’s parents last names are Lennox (obviously).

Now, I bring you to this picture.


On the left, Ida Lennox and Jack Lennox. On the left, our new Medic, Support, and Monster. Now, I’m sure we can all agree that the medic looks more like a male, and the support looks more like a female. And, of course the monster looks like satan, but that’s besides the point.

Now, back to Arthur. Lennox apparently cares a lot about him, enough that she genuinely hopes that he survived the monster apocalypse. Now, let me ask you this; could Arthur Doe be Arthur Lennox? Could Arthur Lennox be the father of Jack Lennox?

Could the order of the silhouettes be Ida Lennox, Jack Lennox, Arthur Lennox, and “Mama” Lennox? You decide, America.

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I like this one, I mean I woke up and randomly checked the forums, so I’m not sure I’m thinking straight but hey, it sounds good

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T5 dedicated to the Lennox family? I doubt it, but nice theory.

This made me laugh :wink:


Don’t hate because ur bed


I doubt it as well, tbh. Still I feel that in order to spearhead a colony on such a rough-and-tumble planet where almost everything wants to eat you, the Lennox family would have to be natural born survivors. Ida is practically a genius and has a giant robot suit. Jack literally built a machine that makes a beam of hard light that forms a wall in front of him.

His mom and dad probably have some ingenious tech and survival skills as well.

This is interesting!

Would actually be really cool IMO for T5 to be “The Lennox Family” (has a nice ring to it also!)

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“And, of course the monster looks like satan, but that’s besides the point.”

I’m cackling :laughing:

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I had a similar thought when I heard Jack say his last name. Maybe they’re like lost in space Robinson family. Idk


Oh God… I’m imagining the Adams family theme song, but instead of the “Adams Family”, it’s the “Lennox Family”.


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YEEEEEESSSSSSS. Pretty much why this needs to be a thing.

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