The legendary burrowing monster, and how it could be implemented


I’ve made a topic about this before, and it went on for a while, and by the end, the possibility still remained ambiguous/non-existent. However, I recently had an epiphany about how to add the general gimmick of a burrowing monster.

The idea of diving into the ground and moving about with part of the monster sticking out or whatever is out the window. The devs have stated it’s not a technical possibility because the game’s engine can’t handle it when the monster actually goes into and moves around in the ground. Hypothetically, you could give the monster what Behemoth has, and make it have a separate model for its traversal; but what happens on rooftops or bridges? What happens when the monster interacts with walls? It’s too many questions for such a thing to be added.

How, then, could a burrowing monster enter the game? Well, let’s look at a different type of traversal that could use a burrowing gimmick.

Let’s say that the monster dives into the ground, completely submerging itself; then reappears at another location. While the monster is actually moving, dust rises from the ground where its presence is meant to be suggested; this would probably be possible, since it would be similar to how Fissure’s visual effect works. The problem of the monster having to move in the ground is non-existent, since it just dives, disappears, then emerges again. If this still screw with the engine, then the monster doesn’t have to actually go in the ground. It could appear to nosedive, be surrounded by dust, and then vanish; its emergence would be a reverse of this process.

This traversal would differ from Goliath’s leap in a couple of ways. For one, it offers damage mitigation because the monster momentarily disappears. Depending on what would have to be determined by the devs in actually play-testing the thing, different interactions with walls could occur; i.e. if the monster emerges from a wall, it cannot turn around and climb it, instead jumping out. This could be annoying or impractical, though, so it could stand to not be a thing. One more distinction of this traversal is, should the monster be on a bridge or rooftop and use the traversal, it simply falls through the bridge/roof. Again, this could have problems for actual gameplay/balance, though.

So would this actually be feasible? I’d kinda like to hear from the devs on this.


That sounds like a pretty solid suggestion, clever thinking on your end!

My main issue at this point personally wouldn’t really be “Is it possible?” I’d be more concerned with “Is it fun?” I think Wraith is a good example of a cool theory that is executable, but in the end not very fun. Not sure how players would react to a Monster that could burrow around in the chase, let alone a dome!

Who knows though, could be done in a fun way!


So basically instead of the entire body going underground it turns in a dust effect moving?

I love this idea, especially since I want this monster so bad


Well, it can’t leave the dome, lol. And the actual burrow time would have to be adjusted based on balance. The problem there, though, is that the traversal can’t be too fast or it’s too good of an escape; and it can’t be too slow or it’s too good at mitigating.


snaps fingers, I got it!!!
You could aim it like Lava Bomb. So like, there’s a target area, and you can do it far away (not to far, maybe 30-40 meters tops) or right in front of you. But, depending on the distance, it’d take longer. It wouldn’t be toxic if the dust showed where the Monster “is” underground, you could see where he’s headed the whole time. You just couldn’t target him while he’s “underground.” The speed could be similar to Bob’s roll, so if you did it 10 meters ahead of you to close distance to a target, it’d be relatively quick. If you did it at max range, you’d go the same speed, but it’d take longer. :grinning:
Sorry for the long post. I just love this idea, wanted a burrowing Monster since even before Evolve was released.


Yeah, I figured as much. But perhaps the whole concept of a burrowing Monster may be fun in Theory but end up being frustrating to play against. Like how no matter what they did to Wraith, it just wasn’t fun playing against a stealth Monster.

But you never know until you try, so if they could do it I’d say go for it!



Hell, even if Burrower didn’t work, I’d love to see another new Monster down the road which is why I’m certain TU9 will help the game get:

More Players
More Revenue
More DLC


Solid suggestions, but if we are sacrificing so much to have a burrowing monster work on a technical level, then why bother? Id rather just wait until some future freak can do it legit with a strong engine.

The mechanics you described seem possible, but would likely be nightmarish to get working. I can imagine the bugs now. Falling through the earth, getting stuck in geometry. Bugging domes out. Nobody wanted the worm monster more than Phil Robb, and even he couldn’t bring it into existence.


Who said it had to be a worm monster? I was thinking of something more like a hunched-over reincarnation of the Host. And the whole purpose of this is to get around the problems presented by the engine. I’m not sure of too many places the monster could get stuck on geometry except the dome; perhaps, then, the monster cannot burrow to a location within a certain distance of the dome wall, or would just stop when it reaches that distance.


Shape-Shifting Monster


You mean the Velvet Worm I’m sure.

Yeah, the traversal bit was the real issue. Especially for multi-leveled maps like the Foundry. Would it fall through the ceiling from the 2nd or 3rd floor? If the Worm traverses towards a wall, would it climb faster but use more stamina. The stamina meter could be like Behemoth’s.
:medic: Plus if it’s underground, it should be peaking out a bit in order to take damage or have the least amount of health out of all the Monsters. Maybe just have a burrow attack instead and have the worm’s traversal give it a speed boost and skitter around like one of those crazy ass centipedes. :grimacing:


Monster that turns into a mammoth bird

@SUBJECT666 The traversal was a separate issue from the worm. A serpentine monster posed various challenges with the terrain, having to snake around everything. What I propose is giving a burrowing traversal as I described it to a monster that didn’t have this problem. I envisioned a variation on the body plan for the Host.


I actually kind of like this idea- If I can add to it though-

Imagine it summon a behemoth-fissure-like effect between the monster, all the way to where its supposed to go. Fissure already follows terrain, up/down walls, etc. While traversing the monster players camera could just follow this fissure to wherever it was supposed to uproot itself


I’ll never drop the shape-shifter talk since even TRS mentioned it once.


Well, that makes two of us. Except I’m pining for the Host, but you know, whichever. Any sort of shape-shifter would be equally dank.


I don’t like host for two reasons:

It’s ugly and impractical,

3-4 abilities that summon minions would wreck balance.

Doesn’t seem like a good idea if the monster just fights around other wildlife while summoning minions. Too much shit for the hunters to deal with. I do love the shapeshifter monster tho. Needs to have 3 different forms, for the abilities, and the last one would be the a move that changes with each form. Each form would need to have different attacks, movespeeds, health, and traversal. Basically 3 monsters in 1


That’s exactly how I pictured it!!! Couldn’t think of how to word it. :slight_smile:


Sounds like you don’t like many of my ideas. Haha, kappa. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Then alter the design so it’s more practical. Besides, it’s supposed to be ugly, just like all the monsters.

  2. Who said all its abilities had to be minion-based? It could have 1 or 2 abilities and do just fine. Goliath’s gimmick is fire; yet that only applies to one of its abilities.