The Legacy figures look AWESOME, but


…will there be a larger sized Goliath in the future? At 6 inches, he’s the same size as the Hunters. It just looks…off. Other than that gripe, the line looks sick! Make a 12 inch Goliath please!!!


Would that not double the price or yet even more since the demand/supply will be smaller?
The savage skin alone is bumping the price up with 50$. I think it’s a plan written in stone though unless you request it at any value.


Oh yeah for sure. A 12 inch Goliath would cost anywhere from $75 to $100, I’m guessing. Pricey yes, but for the hardcore collectors out there, that’s about right.
I collect Masterpiece Transformers, and some of the heavy hitters (StarScream, Optimus, etc) are $200…


I think you’re over estimating there. I have NECA’s 18 inch Batman Arkham Origins figure. Phenomenal quality, and only 80 bucks. They could do a 12 inch Goliath for much less.

Do want.


You’re absolutely right.


I agree! They should call it the special edition 12 inch Goliath too. 12 inch Goliath has a nice ring to it


I laughed. Hard.