The Learning Curves


I just wanted to make a comment about the difference in learning curves with regards to monster players and hunter players. I feel like this game is going to have a really hard time balancing based on alpha and beta stats due to the difference. I think that monster is initially easier to start murdering with off the bat. By game three you can level 1 roflstomp hunters, but eventually something magical happens: the hunters start getting much better! They don’t get off your butt and you start to come close to losing and a level 1 attempt is absolute suicide.

Since it is a team effort for the hunters, they have so much room to grow, and I’m not saying that monsters don’t, but from what I’ve seen in the Beta (#1 global/Kraken PC for longevity evidence) it will not be too long before these hunters start running the show all the time. My hunter crew was taking down some of the top monsters that had very high win rates and even I was beginning to struggle as monster. I’m not saying I don’t have room to grow as monster, but what I am saying is that the hunters have A LOT of room to grow.

My question is if TRS’s goal is to still become a part of e-sports, shouldn’t Alpha’s and Beta’s be a poor indicator of what balances need to be made? I feel like it’s hard to cater to both sides of the spectrum because of these different learning curves. Basically, I’m wondering if there is a solution in mind to bring these learning curves together to ensure proper balance, or if the balancing will be more geared towards casual or competitive (which basically means community, or competition because the learning curves are forcing it a bit)?


They said that they’ve tried to balance it at both high and low levels of skill, so the prerelease previews are useful for this, plus with all the new people playing will result in a few new tactics or way to play that the devs didn’t think of.
An example of TRS’ balancing ideals I remember is the shield projector.
I think initially high level players found it OP and low level players found it UP, they changed how it works (in relation to the battery draining when active) and this made it more balanced at both of the skill levels. I trust that they’ll try and do this for the rest of the game


I don’t recall anyone finding it UP, but assuming that is true, that is a good example! I have always trusted that they will TRY to do their best, but it’s hard to comprehend the thought they have to put into tweaking these learning curves so that they work next each other: most importantly at the competitive end that might be hard to see at this point (helps for esports and stay value).


I think was from before the alphas, so the official game testers. I believe it used to be that the shield drained whenever it was on, not just when it took damage. So for the lower level players who just held it down it wasn’t as useful.


Ya, but they still need to switch and ration it as far as damage soaking to the battery goes which I think can also be difficult to learn. Feel like there is a lot of work to be done then, but I guess I will just have to believe? XD


There’s a variety of different skill levels in the game, and you’re slightly playing a different game at all of them, hunter or monster. It is a little easier to get your act together as a monster than as a hunter… but I think there’s only a small experience gap there before the hunters catch back up to you. I certainly notice a very different experience fighting against level 5 hunters to even level 10s.

Also, though not a universal rule, I’ve experienced that low level monsters against low level hunters will often have the harder time, provided that the trapper has even the slightest kind of clue of what to do. Lowbie monsters often don’t have a good idea of how to get away from the dropzone in time, and once that dome is on them, it’s often game over.


I have complete faith that they will find the happy middle ground we all need. I’ve been able to talk with some of the devs and the process they go through to test everything is extensive.


I find the gameplay depth for the monster side of the game to be a little weak. Many of the hunters weapons are quite spammable and not very dodgeable (except orbital barrage). The devs should make some of the tools that the hunters have require a little more care in using so that the monster can try to bait out their use. Using L4D as an example, the tank could try to bait out molotovs, hunters/smokers baiting survivors into shooting witches etc.

Right now it is just run, eat, hide, fight.


I guess I feel like that could be part of the issue. Good call :slight_smile:


With regards to Learning Curves, it’s all about the bass.


lol maddcow :smiley:

the telemetry said players 15 or higher were still losing close to 70%. idk how expierenced that qualifies them technically but i will say this. for PC didnt the wraith work on day one? as in you didnt need to unlock it through progression. thats plenty of time to face off and come up with ways to win. people were still struggling cuz of decoy. so a slight tweak will be made to make an attempt at 50% win rate.

I agree with you all or most nerfs/buffs post launch should be for the competitive side of the game. the higher tier players should have the best balance. my reason is because lower tier often dont pay attention to little stuff like that and are casually playing to have fun. example: decoy now decays faster if you dash ( a nerf the forums are considering at the moment). low tier wont care. they proly wont even notice.