The leaderboards make no sense


Why is it that people with the same wins as you will be above you on the leaderboards even with a terrible WLR and over 100 more deaths?

Just because people have more time played as a character or more meters ran, they end up being placed higher on the leaderboards. See screenshot – look at the player above me (yume)

Leaderboards not based on skill

I’m honestly surprised TRS went this route with the rankings because they clearly coming from the gamer crowd. If I’m not mistaken they’re working on a ranking system, whether if this will be the standard bronze, silver, gold, etc league system remains to be seen.

Currently W/L ratio and death count is what I’d use to measure someone’s skill.


The leaderboards currently only reflect time played.


Yep it only takes into account the number of wins so who ever has the most time on their hands is going to be at the top. I heard they are going to make a competitive leaderboard though that takes more variables into account.


Tie for wins goes to whoever ran the furthest.


You would think that the person who pulled it off in less time and with a better ratio would be higher.


You are right it makes no sense. I really have never looked at mine since the beta. I also play every character so I will be probably be low on all of them.


Where are we hearing about this incoming ranking system? It’s like the one thing I want in this game above all else right now, so I’d love to see something from TRS even if it’s only that they’re thinking about it.


I’ll see if I can find the post when I get on my computer


The leaderboards are for me a massive disappointment - a lot of multiplayer games do this, ie award rank for grinding.

Please TRS can you create a rank that is calculated across WLR vs time played (or simular) and doesn’t just always increase. Something that reflects the form of your last 10 matches as opposed to something that just increases over time for everyone which is essentially meaningless. I want to see my rank fall if I play badly.