The Leader Boards are Broken


The leaderboards have been broken for over 2 months now. Are there any plans to fix this? I have been stuck as Wasteland Maggie level 68 with 24 wins for months now and I play everyday. I pre-ordered this game and have played it everyday since it’s release and have had the impression from the beginning that for some reason TRS does not care as much as it should about such an excellent game. Why have leaderboards at all when they mean absolutely nothing. I have been patient waiting for TRS to fix this but I am becoming agitated along with many other veteran players. Like I said I love this game but TRS has dropped the ball on this and someone needs to get off their fat ass and do something about it.


There’s a main thread for this issue for people to post in. You can find updates from TRS when they have new information on the subject there.

And yes, they are working on fixing it, but it requires a patch.


Hi @Patrick_White, please keep an eye on the topic @Aramet linked for updates! :slight_smile: