The Lazarus Phenomenon


This meme sums it up.


Picks Laz
Complains about everyone dying


When you pick laz and someone revives another player when monster is gone.


When someone tells you that you aren’t healing enough as Laz


When an angry teammate says theyll jump into a plant if you don’t heal them


Unfortunately I don’t have time to find any memes, but I cannot use Lazarus when playing with a friend. He just cannot comprehend to let people die, and always has it set to Infinite Strikes and 15 sec Reinforcement Time.

We only play Custom with him as the host (my internet lags when I’m the host)


How I feel after winning a match with a bad Lazarus.


When the monster player starts talking smack about Laz then I get medic


They jump into plant after…





Got a good one right here.


Dead body gets eaten (blew it)


Last one alive ( SCREW IT)


Hit by rock (Flew it)


Monster breaks relay slightly (Glue it)


Lazurus glove has side effect ( sue it )


When you go for that revive and the body is 400m underground