The last standing hunter should get some kind of buff


Right now if you incap two hunters that pretty much means a guaranteed win for the monster. What I propose is giving the last standing, living hunter a buff that increases their damage, health and most importantly move speed and jet back recovery. This will allow better combat between the hunter and monster. Additionally, it will give the hunter a chance to fall back and wait for the air drop and sort of become the hunted. On the other hand, it will give the monster the option to either chase the hunter or use this opportunity to eat in order to gain armor, evolve and destroy the relay or straight up smash the relay if its in stage 3.


And then the monster pounced the hunter and gg’d them just like they do now.

Though I’ve always wanted to be able to interact with a hunter corpse and take their jetpack until they respawn xP


That’s the idea. If you were a little faster perhaps you can escape the monster’s grip.


Why should you be rewarded for the monster beating your team?


^and this here is the real argument to have against this.


Why are you trying to give the support more power? The monster can barley find me as it is, a good support with health regen can play and never get down penaltys, outlast multiple dropships and just make it hell for a monster.i just think that when things go south in an engage you have tell your support to get moving because thats the best class for evasion.


This is my preferred tactic as Support after everyone else is down.