The Last Jedi [SPOILERS!]


You know, I liked this movie… and one of my favorite parts was the simple comedy of Chewbaca trying to eat one of those little critters.


I remember the Porgs trying to take his food. That one Porg that didn’t leave after the first roar looked terrified, I felt bad for it.


I like that SW fans petition to shut down RT over its critic score. As if . . . you know, Empire wasn’t divisive at all when it came out. I mean, all of you guys have heard that Kylo probably lied to Rey over her lineage ? Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what was said about Vader back in '80.

Vicious cycle. Stupid vicious cycle. Viciously stupid vicious cycle.


You know what was funny, Mark Hamill had no idea that he died at the end…

If you see him before the movie he is all estatic, then after the movie he looks blindsided and pissed lol



I find that a little hard to believe.


Yeah he knew what was happening


Ok just saw the film myself, I really loved it for a lot of reasons.
There are some really dumb parts yes, and some retreading of Empire and Return.

BUT (TLDR: Poes a scumbag who just looks for glory)

And I honestly can’t get over this.

Why is no one talking about Poes actions in this film?
He is responsible for 80% of the deaths in this film and thats what I will elaborate on:

The first example is right off the bat, but more grey area then the rest. He makes the call on the bombers, and a lot of people die, in both the resistances ships and the first orders ships.
It is what sets off the events that follows, so plot reasoning wise, it makes sense, and they do “demote him” so he’s punished.

What follows is unexcusable though. He is the one who makes the call on Finns and Roses plan, and that was the single biggest mistake in this film. Because of it almost the entire resistance dies, and he does not face punishment, and it’s almost pointing to him becoming leader in the next film.

Had Finn and Rose not gone on that mission, then they don’t get caught. The resistance ships then make it to the planet, and other than the ship going lightspeed through the fleet, everything else remains the same. Snoke would still be dead, as Rey’s plan was seperate and in the end Kylo would not have known where the resistance truly is. Thus, Luke never has to project to the planet to buy some time.

Every single one of Poes actions should lead to court martialing or sever mental issues, as the weight of every death should be on his shoulders.

The film would have changed slightly in the end obviously, so there plot reasons again, but he basically disobeyed orders, then mutinied against the general, and then got away Scott free after all those people died. Not only that, but he doesn’t have any feeling of guilt or remorse, and that to me is a massive issue with this film.

Thematically, the underlying tone is failure, learning from it, and growing from it. Not a single plan in this film worked, they all failed, and it was more about how the characters dealt with that failure.
From the orders side and resistance side, but Poes failure is that of great consequence, and he doesn’t earn any bounce back, or redemption.

He’s a plain scumbag looking to be the hero. If the next film doesn’t deal with this, I will take great issue with this character, his development, and his continuity.

This does not ruin this film, it ruins some of the underlying tones of the series as a whole, and I get that he’s a risk taker, but all his risks did was cause tons and tons of death, without consequence, or a lesson learned.

Loved the film, but this thought has just sat here with me, and I’ve discussed it with others, who all kind of go “huh, yeah, that’s fair” so I needed to write a long winded post somewhere!!!


I hope in a way that they do deal with this one in the next film, but at the same time I think the resistance is stretched so thin they can’t afford to sideline or reprimand, yet, one of their top commanders and pilots.

In keeping with this new direction I’d like to see him get some kind of punishment after they “win”

However, he did learn his lesson, the attack on crait was his epiphany, his realisation that holdo and Leia were right.


He totally should have taken a bite.


You should re-post the video into this thread. He did seem rather shaken. I didn’t care for how hey portrayed Luke’s character either and he didn’t give a reason why the Jedi should become extinct…as if somehow that’s what his character wanted.


Isn’t this just the nature of depression though? He failed, fundamentally, at what he thought he was going to be destined to do. He knows that Vader came from Kenobi’s failures, and here he is unleashing Kylo Ren on the galaxy. He believes the whole notion of Jedi as he knows it is a failed idea and one that deserves to die because ultimately if he (egotistically) can’t solve the problem of bringing the Jedi back then who else can?

It wasn’t until Yoda pointed out to him that he was just repeating the same mistakes of Jedi Masters before him, in trying to teach what is right without teaching what also has gone wrong, that he gets it. Indeed until Yoda(???) blew up the whole damn tree with the books suppossedly inside that you see that Luke isn’t really wanting to kill off the Jedi, he’s just unable to deal with the fact he knows he can’t do the job even though he believes he is the only one that can bring the Jedi back to the galaxy. He’d rather just absolve himself of the responsibility if he can, even though deep down he understands it is ultimately a responsibility that he has to respect.


Considering the fact that Luke is versed in the history of the Jedi plus his talk with Rey about how the force does NOT belong to them and they are guilty of hubris, it is not very surprising that he would want them to end. This also came to the light when the council refused to believe Ashoka, Anakin’s padawan, was innocent of a crime.

The biggest mistake the Jedi did was to allowing themselves to be used as a military force in the Clone Wars. This tipped the balance of the Force waaaaaaay too much towards the Dark Side in an era that was still recovering from Sidious’ and Plagueis’ meditation to power it up in the galaxy (and to which the Force responded by giving birth to Anakin).

Truth be told, the same way the Sith as an order could not exist except as pairs because they weren’t be able to stop backstabbing each other, Jedi cannot exist as an order anymore because they fail to realize that THEY are the medium of the force and not vice versa.

Also this

is awesome, puts Poe under a new light when I am gonna see the movie again. I am also hoping he gets more development in episode IX so that all this won’t go to waste.


Poe is a trash character in the story line… I have no empathy for the character what so ever and the stories involving him do not help the fact.

I asked my children 16-10 and they all said they didnt like him at all and they didnt care about him in the story either.

Maybe Poe is a double agent? that might give his arch some redemption but I agree with you on the punishment side of things. it was just plain awful.

I will be back on later today to make a strong thought thesis about this film and where I think it may be going.

well Stated Jayrob


(they admitted that sideous was in fact anakins father btw.) via lucas


Since it’s not onscreen, I am gonna stick with my version, I like it better :stuck_out_tongue:


I found a video of a youtuber who agrees with lukes emotional state about the movie… Cued up at the proper time for before and after the movie… (glad someone recorded those)


Hamill has stated definitively that he wasn’t kept in the dark about Luke’s fate, taking a video and assigning your own confirmation bias to it is risky business.


Poe being a double agent makes no sense. There would be no.reason for him to disobey orders to try to kill thousands of his own men (First Order soldiers on the ship he helps destroy at the beginning) like he did.


Yeah. I know. That asIde.

They even got the part where Luke never left tracks! Details!


Plaguis, not Sidious. And he did it through the Force, not by traditional methods.