The Last Jedi [SPOILERS!]


Yeah, they did say that episode 9 was originally gong to be big for her character, it’s a shame they have ruled out cgi, hopefully it’s only because of the family request rather than fan nonsense


Just got back its 4am but…

Yeah, i had three issues with this movie… and im open for interpretation and listening.



(3) Really? is snoke really dead that easily? he can flick a finger and blast people (ren) across the room… This being is flowing with the force, but he doesn’t notice a lightsabre (with a pure crystal in it that is connected to the force directly) moving next to him?

Sorry about caps, its on for my job but too lazy to fix.

p.s. they should of left Leia Dead after she got sucked out…

  1. The Force, obvs
  2. They were never real iirc they disappeared from Leia’s hand.
  3. Hubris and ego. Also he did feel the crystal turning and about to be activated, but he thought Rey was the target.



I read that her family gave the OK to use her likeness but Disney said they had no plans for any new CGI stuff for Leia.


About Phasma, Chrome Dome is alive. Unless there is a body, said party is alive. The Fett was came out of Sarlac like it was no big deal so . . .


He was saved by Dengar.


Kinda disappointed that Del Toro’s thief/code-breaker character didn’t turn the tables in the end. Seemed like a decent guy.

But he is correct…the wealthiest usually finance both sides of the war effort…this is true today. It’s the middle and lower classes that do the fighting and trying to change things.


He basically told them over and over not to trust him…


Overall the movie was ok, it dragged a bit but what was the name of the planet with the salt fields?


Crait. Seemed like it was a salt lake on a planetary scale.


Crait I believe.


At least he was honest. I can put up with a lot more when people are honest about who they are. So true.


Yeah, but honest != decent.


Space isn’t instant death like has been shown in movies, but considering how cold (temperature-wise) it’s still around a minute or two at most.

Also, Leia is supposed to be immensely strong in the force which is how she survived and can feel people she’s close to dying from across the universe. Until they removed the post ROTJ Extended Universe she was actually a Jedi stronger than Luke (novels) but with the movies re-writing the EU Leia isn’t a Jedi but apparently is still extremely strong in the force.

It’s just nice to see them actually using things that were in the EU and making them canon. With any luck, she’ll actually end up learning about and using the force in the next movie (at least I hope so.)

Also I honestly thought they were going to kill Leia just because her actress passed away last year, but I think I was happier that they kept her alive from a nerd/fan standpoint. :]


Dude imagine if Episode IX involves a lightsaber duel between Leia and Kylo.


So much yes, please.


Do we want CG Leia in that much of a movie though?
CG Tarkin and Young Leia were hit or miss already.


Ok, why do you think they feel the need to bring up rei’s parents of 30 mins in the movie?


It wasn’t that early. It was more like an hour and fifty minutes. I remember Kylo telling her after Laura Dern’s character (I forgot her name) destroyed Snoke’s ship. The battle at the new resistance base unfortunately didn’t last two hours.