The Last Jedi [SPOILERS!]


This… he deserved better.


He needed to be in the movies more.
Either Maul and someone else (probably Dooku) needed to be in all 3, or at least 2, or Maul needed to be cut out (hehe) and have Dooku and Grevious in all 3. Too little time.


I 100% agree, I hated how they introduced this amazing killing machine, to then kill him off with such ease in just one movie.

My cousin decided to watch that movie recently, and before that, I informed him of General Grievous’ backstory and he loved it. But when he watched the movie, he was super disappointed with what they did to him.

Edit: I wanted to see this!


Gendy’s Star Wars will always been canon to me. That was the best thing to come out of the prequels.


He looked and sounded so badass. I wanted to see more of him!! :cry:


That’s AMAZING! I’ve never watched the Clone Wars or animated Star Wars stuff…what is this from?


The Clone Wars cartoon from Cartoon Network! :slight_smile:


I know I should have watched them…Grievous would have been amazing as a lasting figure. Alwways thought it was too quick of a kill-off since he had taken down so many other Jedi. I mean, killing Jedi isn’t easy, and he had his “collection” but they didn’t go into it further than that…you KNOW he had to be amazing in battle. That cartoon clip was rockin!


Gendy Tartakovski (the creator of samurai jack) made these back in 200X (five I think but I cant be bothered to google it) as a two part movie. It really shows some clone and Jedi badassery in his signature animation style. It looks phenomenal in every way. Especially Anakin’s fight with Ventriss in the rain. Just fantastic lighting and attention to detail.


To be honest, probably my biggest gripe with the film was how early they killed Snoke and Phasma. It’s interesting that Kylo is now Supreme Leader of the Order, but Snoke was just such a badassly powerful villain, and Phasma was to Finn like Vader was to Luke. It would’ve been soooo much cooler to see these two characters prove to be some truly heinous, badass villains, but I feel like their screentime was too short to actually give anyone a solid opinion on them.


I honestly feel like Phasma will be back.


Yeah she survived the fall into a burning ship that had just been cut because of a light speed kamikaze, with no real way out.
She probably found an escape pod tbh.


Anything can happen in a space opera


I always uphold, if they don’t straight up die on screen then don’t bother assuming they’re dead. Somehow they survive. We’ll just have to wait and see.


I think anyone that says they didn’t want to see more of them would be lying, however I also think we’ve been spoiled by the quality of tv over the past decade and the long form character development and discovery that it has given us.

Ultimately films have to be super efficient with what story they tell, and while a tv show star wars would easily have delved into these characters more, I can’t begrudge the film for deciding that their time was more important spent just being killed.

That said, I actually think I’d prefer that Phasma wasn’t in it at all given what little impact she really had.


OOOR she used the force to fly to the nearest ship, like this:


Yeah, that scene was absolutely ridiculous, lmao.


I felt like they were setting Leia up to be a big part in Episode IX. In previous movies her connection to the force was always around the lines of “I can feel it” and sense other people.

I feel like her whole scene with showing her force powers could not be understated. She is clearly strong in the force and may have been a potential Mentor to Rey in the next movie. It almost seems like she brought herself back from death (or the brink) which would have been a very cool callback to the Prequels and some EU material. If she did prevent her death or come back from it, I believe she was on par or stronger than Luke which would have been awesome in IX to see.

Oh well!


I don’t have the announcement on hand, but i think it should be fairly easy to Google.

But i read somewhere that the only Extended Universe material they redacted was anything in conflict with their movies, and everything else still counts as canon.


Nope, all of it was nuked, which is why I love when they give little nods to it in cannon material!