The Last Jedi [SPOILERS!]


You might not have a good time with Last Jedi…Cause that’s what I was feeling…





Luke was Whiny but it was different…his was the kind like a kid asking “Are we there yet?”…not throwing temper tantrums every 20 minutes of the movie with his lightsaber. Anikin definitely had a narcissistic, as well as an angry, streak…but again, no tantrums he couldn’t otherwise control save the exception of the Sand People (which I find to be justified). Luke and Anikin were far better characters than Kylo…maybe because we could all associate with them. Maybe I can’t associate with Kylo because I have very little tolerance for crybabies, especially male ones. I didn’t get that feelings with Luke nor Anikin. I could sense Luke’s youthful desire to rush things and get stuck in, and Anikin’s fight for justice, change, and peace.

Kylo…sigh I just can’t not laugh or cry when he starts flipping out with his saber cutting everything around. To me that’s as bad as a man losing his temper and punching a hole in the wall because he simply can’t process his emotions well enough other than express them like a child reacting instantly in the physical. I say about Kylo “What are you, five?” I took him more seriously when his helmet was kept on.


You really need to see 8. Lots of character development across the board.

Same goes for you @Kaiser though there are a couple things you’d be disappointed in, clearly.


I just got back from seeing it and I personally enjoyed it. I could care less about the “drama” that Rose causes cause personally I liked her character. Yeah I like her come at me haters! One thing I didn’t like was how only Yoda showed up. They had a perfect moment to show Anakin and Obe in there as well. I feel it would have been cool to see Anakin disappointed with Luke cause he gave up sorta.

Another thing I liked was when they had Kylo kill Snoke. I’ll be honest I was expecting him to do so, but I wasn’t expecting him to do it how he did. Kylo and Rey teaming up was cool too. I also like how Kylo kinda does a reference to the old movies and asks Rey to rule with him.

Now here’s a joke I made to my little brother in the middle of the movie. When Phasma shows up I kinda sighed. I’m not a fan of her tbh. She just feels forced to me as she’s just there to provide an obstacle. Though when the floor below her fell I said “Back to the Trash Compactor with you Mega Bitch”

That’s all I can muster out atm I’m to tired to talk about anything else. I’m going to sleep.


What Forge said.

It is not gonna go the way you think.


You also had three movies to show his growth, you’ve made a decision about Kylo after only one. ANH Luke was whiny and petulant, ESB Luke was slightly better, even then he was headstrong. Only in RotJ did Luke really come into his own.


So many plot holes and snoke’s death kind of semi turned me off.

But i love how it was Rey’s rejection of Kylo’s love that cause Kylo to go full darkside , rather then Kylo killing his father.


Hmm, I didn’t get love from that relationship…though it would make sense. It seemed more like someone who could understand him.


ye. Not entirely love but he really care about her and wanted her to be with him (Not nessacerally in a romantic way).

Like even how he begged her after a while.


MAnd who died in 8?
I may not have seen it, but I’m aware.

I get why they need to kill them off. They’re trying to make this new Star Wars story and it doesn’t work well with the original guys.
Let’s be honest, these new films are just a money grab more than anything.

I agree with pretty much everything you said on Kylo. :clap::clap:

@Master_Forge I will consider seeing it when I can rent it maybe.


I disagree, but in that case I’d rather have Disney’s money grab than GL’s "vision’.


Everything is a money grab. Everything tries to make some money (unless the person making is one of those people). As long as I enjoy the story I am happy to pay for it, and i’m enjoying and interested so /shrug.


Bahahahahahahaha, history repeats itself!!

It’s crazy how mixed people were about ESB.


People keep saying plot holes, what plot holes do you think there were?

I also didn’t think there was any love in the rey and ren thing, I also don’t think he’s gone full dark side…


Totally agree, and from a creative point of view they aren’t a money grab. It’s perfectly possible for something to be made because they want to make money, but also because they creatively want to explore and make exciting stories in this universe!


Just got back from seeing it…I have to say that it was a redemption to me. I rolled my eyes when Kylo instantly threw another fit the first five minutes he was on screen but I felt the rest of the movie made him much better and more believable/tolerable. I also felt that Rey and Finn were more developed and not wishy-washy. It was certainly a more entertaining movie overall…and I felt like it was an excellent comeback after the movie before it.

I enjoyed it, and it was worth seeing…and when I left the theater I felt good for having seen it. I am disappointed that Phasma was killed off, I wanted more from her (maybe she can come back? Her death isn’t assured to me), and it really didn’t bother me about Snoke’s death. I felt worse when Darth Maul and General Grievous died.

What the heck happened with Yoda? Did they try to re-invigorate the old puppet from ESB? His manner was the same as in that film. At least he was a bit better looking that the original puppet they had used in Episode 1 or 2 which they later altered (that one’s eyes were all bugged out). I didn’t care for how he looked this time but I guess I kinda get why they did this, since Luke’s last looks at Yoda was back in ESB.

Why no Obi-Wan or Anikin? They would have been so great to see but maybe it would have added too much drama.

Rose didn’t bother me at all.

I thought it was overall an enjoyable film.

Was very sad seeing Carrie Fisher and knowing she is gone, but happy to see her using her powers in this film, and seeing new Jedi powers in general.


Yay, Sledge!


That was my favorite part. I was confused at first because i didn’t like the puppet but when they brought out my favorite parts of him, his humor and teaching attitude, i forgave them for that puppet.

My brother thinks they probably did that so when uhh… you know who shows up as a ghost they won’t have to de-age that character


Old Ben’s actor is dead (I think, he should be seeing as how he was old when everyone else was young) and Anakin’s young actor causes controversy. (And old Anakin actor is dead)