The Last Jedi [SPOILERS!]


I have been thinking about this film a lot, as well as remebering bits from Awakens, and I have come to the conclusion that Rey may still turn.

Am at work at the moment, will elaborate a bit later.


Alright, so there are a few reasons why I believe Rey is leaning more and more to the Dark side of the Force. A big one has to do with the emotions normally associated with the Dark side. Fear, anger, and hate. Rey displays the first two quite often, and appears to show the latter a couple times as well. She even, to me, appears to use the power of anger in her duel with Kylo in TFA and during the fight with Snoke’s guard in this movie.

Second point is much less subjective, and has to do with her “training” with Luke. She was unable to ‘even try to resist’ the pull of the Dark when feeling the Force on that island, and even gave into the pull from that odd hole. It seemed as if she was very susceptible to the temptation of the Dark side.

Third, and perhaps my main reason for this theory, hinges on the idea that her and Finn have a growing love. I feel like this is a safe assumption at this point but it has not been outright stated. Assume for a moment that it is true.

What other Jedi have we seen fall in love? Anakin. Where did that love lead him? Even worse, with this love that is in its infant stages, she has a rival in the form of Rose. If they do go this route, I cannot imagine that jealousy would be a good thing for a Jedi.


I think we can all agree who the main protagonist is.


I didnt love it.

But I didnt hate it.

I still have a few “problems” with this star wars arch. And theres a LOT of things I WANTED to happen, that didnt- and probably never will now.

I STRONGLY Feel Rey shouldve been allowed to train with Luke for a more substantial time, echoing back to Luke and Yoda. He told her a couple of points, and thats really all she gets. I wanted to see luke be the jedi master he would and shouldve been.

Snoke basically got Darth Maul’ed in my opinion. He seemed like a complete bad ass and he was super strong and oh hes cut in half.

Phasma got Boba Fetted. Built up to be bad ass, the imagery, the toys, the posters, the clothing, ALL of this stuff because “she looks so cool!” and then off’ed in 30 seconds with like 2 lines.

MUCH of the overall theme of this movie felt more Star-Trek, than Star-Wars to me. Not that im surpsied with who is at the helm of the movie.

Like the light-speed crash scene?


The theater I was in, during that silence, was literally filled with muffled “damns…” from all over. It was undeniably epic.

But if id seen that EXACT scene happen in a star trek film? I wouldnt have thought twice about it.

Part of me likes that Finn and Rose went off to do their own thing to try and save everyone.

But then part of me feels a little cheated that they did, and failed- Horribly. And not in a “but they did something else for the good” kind of way. They failed. The end. Onto the next point of the movie.

The crush between finn and rose is also interesting- Except or another complaint I have for the movie.

It all happens in an afternoon. Seriously- the whole movie basically takes place over a couple days, with 99% of it occurring over basically an <18 hour period. Too much tries to happen in too small of a time frame, at lease for me.

Its not that the film was bad- I just feel there was a lot of wasted potential to give fans a bit more that they wanted. Or at least that I wanted haha.


Because he was told it was bad to love. Yoda came out and said the old ways are not necessarily the right ways.



I’m totally fine with the Leia using the force to save herself. My only complaint was just that it looked really stupid.


It looked extremely cringey tbh.


I see your point. But Snoke at least was distracted, gloating, too sure of his reading of the future while only half right, deceived by another Sith. Whereas Maul just stood there and watched it happen right before his eyes without reacting.

Snoke’s attention was on Rey. Maul’s was fully on Obi-wan.


I really liked this article, specifically the end but a great read for people who loved and hated The Last Jedi.

The Last Jedi firmly rejects the idea of an infallible hero, and with good reason. What it doesn’t do, however, is dismiss legends and heroes as merely the opiates of fools too sentimental and cowardly to let go of their ideals. The final scene depicting three enslaved children finding genuine hope and resilience in a ring and a handmade Luke Skywalker doll explicitly confirms The Last Jedi’s stance on the cultural and emotional importance of symbols. Less explicit, but worth considering, is the fact that Rey managed to steal away the Jedi texts before they were destroyed, hiding them in a bedside drawer on the Falcon.

Is that what Yoda meant by Rey already having everything she needs to become a Jedi? I mean, maybe. But what’s more compelling is that she, like Luke, may never need to read them. She could. She may take the bits she wants from them and ignore the rest. She may even write her own. But the claim that The Last Jedi sets fire to the old Star Wars as a middle finger to its fans is ludicrous. This movie fucking LOVES Star Wars. It merely questions our uncritical worship of legends and heroes that no longer serve us, which is to say that, in The Last Jedi, heroes are only as good or as useful as the actions they inspire. There is a lot we can learn from a flawed Luke Skywalker, including that we are never too good to fail, and that even when we do, we are never, ever beyond hope.

Leave it to Yoda to sum up this whole abominable wall of text in a single, perfect sentiment: “We are what they grow beyond. That is the burden of all masters.”

We will, all of us, live long enough to fail. How wonderful, how miraculous, to live long enough to watch the sun rise on our failures and see them clearly, unflinchingly, and still somehow find the strength grow beyond them.

When a hero does the wrong thing, what do they do next?

They learn.


Very well said! :clap:

Edit: Worth reading the whole article.


I don’t acknowledge any Star Wars films beyond 6… :grin:


Should finally be seeing the film tomorrow…can’t wait.


But why tho?


There really wasn’t a reason to make more movies, other than money. The prequels at least made sense because people heard about how Vader use to be.

I saw 7 and rogue one and I won’t watch any more. They’re killing off old characters to make room for new characters and to get people into this new story that shouldn’t exist.
I don’t like any of the new characters very much either. I HATE Kylo… he’s such a whimpy crybaby. I especially hate the fact his name is almost my name. Hate hate hate that.

Oh and the new movies are boring…


They’ve killed off 1 person in the movies you’ve seen.


cough rogue one. :stuck_out_tongue:


None of them are characters from the original films.


That’s cause they died before they could be in them. :smiley:

(I was just joking btw.)


While I agree with you in the case of the newest episode 7, and Kylo being…ugh to me, sniveling whiny thing…I disagree about Rogue One. I think that movie had great characters and was more like the kinda Star Wars movie I expected. It’s what I wanted Force Awakens to be. I was happy after I left the theater on Rogue One, but disappointed with FA. I left feeling like…seriously? However, I do also agree with you that they are killing off the old to bring in the new, and I feel strongly that the newest characters are just too weak to carry the franchise. But maybe the new movie will prove me wrong.