The Last Jedi [SPOILERS!]


I honestly hope Leia comes back as a CGI for 9. She is too central to the plot to be not included within.


Basically, this is spot on.


Did Luke do any actual swinging? All I remember was him dodging Kylo’s attacks and then Kylo realizing he was fighting a Force projection after Luke almost pulled a Ben Kenobi.

I was talking about lightsaber vs lightsaber battles, and the guards used some kind of light spear or something.


In the last jedi, it turns out that supreme leader smoke is actually videogamedunkey. Then, it turns out that videogamedunkey is actually jar jar binks.


I can’t remember if they “locked blades” or not to be fair, though the fight was cool thanks to the very clear master vs student vibe it gave off, further cementing how far Kylo Ren really has to go.

Sure, I get it. The guards had those weapons that allow them to fight with lightsaber wielding individuals and so I think it’s a little nit-picky to say it’s not a lightsaber battle. But I do get it, however I was impressed with the choreography and dynamism of the snoke’s chamber fight. The last time I saw two Jedi fighting on the same side that looked as good as this was Duel of the Fates, and it was exciting to see that again.


Which to me is more impressive than if they’d fought 7 sith apprentices simultaneously… That material was rare back in Darth Revan’s days, (5,000 years before Anakin was a child) found only on Mandalore at the time. I completely understand people wanting to see lightsaber battles but damn that made me happy.


Hahaha, this is also brilliant


You are aware that the Force can allow its most powerful adherents to conquer death? Or did you not notice that Yoda gained Force Lightning during the intervening years long after he died?

If anything Snokes’ fate read to me as “All too easy”.


Went last night with my brother. I welled up when Ackbar died :stuck_out_tongue: Ren is starting to be super multi-dimensional and Rey’s got even more layers to her by way of lineage.

I didn’t mind the sequence on Canto much it’s just that I wished del Toro’s character amounted to more. Love the chemistry between Rose and Finn, Rose especially went from geeking over Finn to teasing him unconscious :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t like the comedy they have put into the new star wars movies. I love star wars but I am losing my hope. I bought BF2 and played it for a couple of days before uninstalling it. It just doesn’t feel special in any way. Same with the movies. Only new SW movie I really like is Rogue One because it fits nicely between 3 and 4. My own SW experience ends to EP 6, when Vader dies. Next SW movie I’ll just wait till its on netflix or something similar.

Who was this Snoke? The way he died was kinda lame in my opinion. + too much SPACEBATTLE. I love SW lightsaber duels, like the final battle in EP1 and EP3, but the far most best lightsaber battle is the final fight between Luke and Vader, sorry I went a bit off topic but I had to get this out.


You mean all the star wars movies? Literally all of them?


Big part of Star Wars was that it felt kind of campy. Had some dialogue from the times, and had a decent amount of humor in it. Kind of felt like a family group the main characters did (which is a big part of why I think Star Wars blew up. Idolized that American Family idea).


But none to the extent of this one. It feels like it’s trying to compete with guardians of the galaxy. Don’t get me wrong, I love humor in movies. But so many of these jokes seem to be forced into scenes where they don’t belong. It just gives the movie this weird feel where it can’t decide if it’s super serious, or sarcastic about everything.

I do like the movie tho.


I know, right ?

PS, that ‘reach out’ scene in The Last Jedi floored me :stuck_out_tongue:


I talked with some people I know who saw it and they said they didn’t like how Leia didn’t die and magic’d herself back to safety.

Apparently they forgot that Leia has force powers. In comics and novels it is revealed she can use the force, and also in Revenge of the Sith, Yoda says “there is another”. Not to mention that Jedi could always use force pull to pull themselves towards things, and death isn’t instantaneous in space.


Yeah, it seems to be the Leia in space bit that have people objecting so greatly. They forget that in the film Luke himself says that the Force isn’t about forcing things to happen. The Leia moment says something about the relationship of the force with those that are in touch with it. Did Leia save herself, or did the Force save her because she was needed for the balance of things to come?

Edit: I have to listen to people who disliked that bit entrench themselves with such nonsense as “This film had zero character progression”. Like, seriously? What film were you watching!?


Lots of character progression from Rey, Kylo, Luke, and Poe especially. Seems people formed their own fan fictions in their heads and were disappointed when it didn’t match.


And people shit-talk about Finn all day but he started that film going from selfish and only thinking about himself and Rey, to understanding and embracing what it means to be a rebel against something like the First Order. They’ll call what happened a pointless or needless plotline because it didn’t end up with success, and yet we saw the making of a character ready to literally put his life…needlessly…on the line in an attempt to make a difference.


It’s tempting to talk about the silly nonsensical things in the film that bothered me, but my main reaction to The Last Jedi is that I walked out of the theater grinning from ear to ear. It’s difficult to rank a movie I’ve seen once among movies I’ve seen a dozen times or more, but my feeling right now is it’s in my top three SW movies.

I also wonder how I can be sure I’m not still being influenced by a rebound effect from the “prequel trilogy” (Episodes 1-3). I tried for years to enjoy what I could from those movies, but my dislike for them has only deepened over time, to the point that I now toy with the idea of pretending they never existed (impossible, of course) and that there is only one Prequel — Rogue One.

I feared a “Disneyfication” of Star Wars would take what I had come to hate about the franchise and bring it to a new low. I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised with what they have done instead. The Force Awakens showed me that a good Star Wars movie is still possible. Rogue One and The Last Jedi took the ball and ran with it.


No, just the new ones. It’s dull.